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Hackers steal money from bank accounts of users with stolen IMEI numbers

Experts have warned about the company Trusteer fraudulent schemes in remote banking. Company experts Trusteer reported finding two fraudulent schemes in e-banking systems (DBS), through which hackers steal money from bank accounts of users. This was written in the blog of the company CTO Amit Klein (Amit Klein). According to the company, in the first(…)

A Taste of JavaFX Script

The best way to get the flavor of JavaFX Script is to see some examples! Don’t worry if some of these don’t make sense, the rest of this Reference will provide the details…..  

Creating a JavaFX-Enabled Java Platform

NetBeans IDE requires the JavaFX 2.0 platform for Java-enabled to use JavaFX 2.0. This section describes how to create JavaFX 2.0-enabled Java-platform environment IDE NetBeans. NetBeans IDE with JavaFX attempts to create a Java-enabled platform, when you open a new application or new JavaFX Preloader master…..

Tracking Service Requests

Previous : Finalizing a Servlet To track service requests, include in your servlet class a field that counts the number of service methods that are running. The field should have synchronized access methods to increment, decrement, and return its value. public class ShutdownExample extends HttpServlet { private int serviceCounter = 0; … //Access methods for(…)

Session Management in Servlets

Previous : Maintaining Client State Since there is no way for an HTTP client to signal that it no longer needs a session, each session has an associated timeout so that its resources can be reclaimed. The timeout period can be accessed with a session’s [get|set]MaxInactiveInterval methods. You can also set the timeout period in deploytool: Select the(…)

Easy Netbeans Shortcuts

It’s been several days that I am relying solely on NetBeans for my PHP and Java coding. So far, it’s beyond my wildest expectations – I am totally satisfied with that great IDE. Today, I have searched for shortcut that would allow me to duplicate a given line, and (fortunately!) came by a great post(…)

Servlet Life Cycle

The life cycle of a servlet is controlled by the container in which the servlet has been deployed. When a request is mapped to a servlet, the container performs the following steps. If an instance of the servlet does not exist, the Web container Loads the servlet class. Creates an instance of the servlet class.(…)

Switch to MySQL GUI database administration tool – MySQL Workbench

If you do not have a GUI admin tool for MySQL, so get it immediately as you will be needing it to use with Netbeans. Download link  for MySQL GUI Tools Downloads You need to install Visual C++ Redistributable Package to us MySQL GUI tool    

NetBeans Platform 6.9: Working with Window System

The requirements for window management have become quite complex and can only be met by means of an external docking framework, otherwise all these various concerns would need to be coded (and debugged, tested, and maintained) by hand. The NetBeans Platform provides all of these features via its docking framework, known as the NetBeans Window(…)

NetBeans Platform 6.9: Working with Action

In this article we focus on “Global” Actions, that is, those that should always be enabled. These types of Actions are not very different from standard Swing Actions. For example, you might want to create “New Task” and “Edit Task” Actions that can be invoked from the menubar and toolbar of the TaskManager. Learn How to(…)