NetBeans Platform

Oracle began spreading environment NetBeans 7.1

Oracle announced the release of new version of the IDE NetBeans Integrated Development Environment (IDE) 7.1. NetBeans IDE 7.1 – is a freely available, open (open source) integrated development environment available for the operating platform Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux, Mac, Windows and other distributions of Linux. The NetBeans Platform allows developers to quickly build enterprise,(…)

NetBeans Platform 6.9: Working with Window System

The requirements for window management have become quite complex and can only be met by means of an external docking framework, otherwise all these various concerns would need to be coded (and debugged, tested, and maintained) by hand. The NetBeans Platform provides all of these features via its docking framework, known as the NetBeans Window(…)

NetBeans Platform – Summary (P10)


NetBeans Platform – Visual Library API (P9)

NetBeans Platform – Palette API (P8)

Revision II & Porting a First NetBeans Platform Application (P7)

Revision I & Porting a First NetBeans Platform Application (P6)

NetBeans Platform – System Filesystem API (P4)

NetBeans Platform – Windows System API (P3)

NetBeans Platform – Lookup API (P2)