Trends in network security for financial enterprises in 2012

Company Booz Allen Hamilton called the growth of cyber threats to senior executives, the influence of organized crime and the security of mobile devices among the ten most important trends in cyber security that will make 2012 a pivotal year for banks and investment firms, since they tend to be in the forefront when it(…)

Microsoft shareholders are losing faith in Steve Ballmer

The head of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer faced with a reduction in shareholders’ support despite the fact that the firm reported a record profit for the financial year – the majority of investors continue to express concern at the expense of the company’s strategy. Although 92% of shareholders voted for the reelection of Ballmer, it is(…)

PayPal launches Facebook-application for sending money to friends

In the field of social welfare payments had a huge breakthrough. Payment system PayPal has released an application for Facebook, which allows you to send money to friends. The application, called simply Send Money, is as simple as its name. You can send either an e-card with money or just money without cards. You choose a card, then(…)

Secunia will also pay money for vulnerability

The company Secunia has launched another program fee for the detection of vulnerabilities , Secunia Vulnerability Coordination Reward Program, which it says is designed to operate independently of the individual producers of the software. The company said that the idea is to make life easier for researchers. This will occur by focusing on reporting security vulnerabilities in one(…)

The Pentagon can spend $ 13 billion on cybersecurity in 2016

TechAmerica Foundation, the nonprofit research affiliate TechAmerica, predicts a significant increase in costs to the U.S. Defense Department cybersecurity, from $ 8 billion in 2012 fiscal year to $ 13 billion in 2016, when a country suffers from a major cyberattack. If a major cyber attack does not happen, but smaller attacks continue, predicted TechAmerica(…)

The more exploits for sale, the higher the level of security

Sale will help companies exploit their security check, but is suitable for this purpose whether the free market? Within ten years, researchers in the field of information security have the opportunity to earn money by selling the details of important vulnerabilities to commercial programs : first, in Vulnerability Contributor Program, launched in 2002 iDefense, then in the(…)

NSS Labs is offering a reward for new exploits

NSS Labs raises the stakes in its market ExploitHub, offering rewards for security guru exploit writing for a dozen “critical” vulnerabilities. The company plans to pay $ 4,400 from $ 100 to $ 500 for developers, who will present the first working exploits for vulnerabilities. Ten security vulnerabilities in the browser Microsoft Internet Explorer, two more(…)

Cost of low security: more than you think

Today, the security situation of enterprises is very, very depressing. Cyber-criminals from day to day job is to rob the company of millions of dollars. Tens of millions of corporate machines are infected.Enterprise networks now and then suffer from the actions of intruders. Despite the fact that a large role is played by the users themselves, senior management(…)

New Facebook program to pay cash rewards

New Facebook program to pay cash rewards to people who report bugs on the social networking site, was worth more than $ 40 000 in the first three weeks of its existence. According to a report published on Monday the head of security Facebook Joe Sullivan, the researchers in 16 different countries have received compensation, which in(…)

70% of people in Hong Kong use the same password for accounts

About 70% of people in Hong Kong use the same password for an average of seven online accounts, said Tuesday the City University of Hong Kong (CityU) and PayPal Hong Kong in publicizing the results of studies on the safety of online payments. The study was commissioned by PayPal Hong Kong, and developed and hosted(…)