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The first flexible E-Ink displays

LG is the world’s first mass-producer to begin flexible “electronic paper” – displays of plastic that can bend to 40 °. Flexible plastic displays are much better than the current heavy-coated glass displays, which are equipped with modern devices for reading electronic books like Kindle and Nook. The new display is twice as light (only 14 grams) and(…)

Mobile devices will become a new means of authentication

Company representatives presented the new Entrust authentication standards for businesses and government agencies. Entrust company introduced a new system of authentication of employees of companies with mobile devices. Entrust digital certificates will be embedded in smart phones users to create trusted credentials to provide a more convenient system of authentication of employees. According to the(…)

Forrester Research: Internet will soon disappear

Analyst at research firm said that the traditional model of the Internet will soon disappear and it will be replaced by the so-called “Internet applications.” In place of the traditional model of the Internet comes the so-called “Internet applications.” This was stated by the founder of research firm Forrester Research George Colony (George Colony) at(…)

Smartphones and tablets will have USB 3.0 by year-end

In the USB Implementers Forum, a nonprofit organization that brings together developers and hardware manufacturers with bus USB, believe that new models of smart phones and tablets will have a USB 3.0 port at the end of 2012. It is currently used primarily USB 2.0, which has a lower data rate. USB 3.0, in turn, provides speeds(…)

Software developer asks for forgiveness from a security researcher

Software developer took back his words with regard to the developer Android, which equates to the diagnostic application of a rootkit, which poses a risk to millions of mobile devices. In a statement, which was published on Wednesday, the developer of Carrier IQ apologized Trevor Eckhart for threatening legal action over the publication in which(…)

12 Christmas scams from McAfee

On the eve of Christmas and New Year more and more people spend on the Internet – buying gifts, planning a meeting with the family and, of course, use of Internet and mobile banking in order to see how the material terms of all our plans really. But before all the preparations, the users would(…)

Spyware recreates the passwords on the image or reflection

When someone prints out text messages, emails, or enters the registration data on the virtual keyboard on iPhone or Android, on the screen in small blocks, there are characters that are typed at the moment. This feature will certainly help those users who are experiencing problems when interpreting the small letters on the keyboard, but(…)

Ubuntu will be used in phones and tablets

Summit developers Ubuntu Developer Summit – taking place twice a year event where members of the Ubuntu community razrabotcheskogo gather to plan the implementation of the next version of Linux – will be held this week in Florida. As usual, Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth starts the event with a presentation of basic ideas. According to a(…)

VMware is promoting integration of cloud technologies and new mobile devices such as tablets

VMware is promoting integration of cloud technologies and new mobile devices such as tablets, as a way to provide universal access to post-personally-computer era of corporate information technology, where users can use any application that they want, anywhere and on any device. During his keynote at VMworld 2011 conference in Copenhagen, Chief Technology Officer Stephen(…)

Protecting mobile devices in a corporate environment

This year mobile phone market for the first time ahead of the PC market. This is a landmark event, as well as the rapid growth of computing power and capabilities of mobile devices poses new questions and challenges in information security. Today’s smartphones and tablets contain a fully functional adult, similar to that of their “big(…)