Microsoft did not pay UK tax on profits of $ 2.7 billion

Software giant translated online-payments in Ireland and Luxembourg, where the tax rate is much lower. Microsoft did not pay taxes to the British Government from its online-sales of its new operating system Windows 8 and other developments, which is £ 1,7 billion (about $ 2.7 billion). In order to evade the software giant takes payments(…)

Microsoft: The number of extortionists using malicious programs is rapidly increasing

Members receive a message supposedly from law enforcement agencies in which they are accused of downloading pirated audio and video files. Representatives of Microsoft Corp. warned users about the active growth of malicious software that takes control of infected machines, blocking the system and extorting payments from users for its unlock. Messages in which criminals(…)

Microsoft wants users to pay for refusing to show ads

The Corporation has filed a patent application, “Pricing in the content management.” Representatives of Microsoft’s plan to patent the technology that will allow content owners to charge a fee to people who refuse to see or want to see the advertising content multiple times. The patent , which Microsoft has filed an application called “Pricing(…)

Hackers infiltrated the computer system of the company Foxconn

As a result of hacking, hackers have published an e-mail credentials to employees. February 8, 2012 a group of hackers Swagg Security infiltrated the computer system and stole Foxconn’s credentials by e-mail accounts of some employees. In addition, hackers also managed to get the credentials of employees, which were used in the company’s intranet. All(…)

In June, the Internet once again would spend the day on the transition to IPv6

As in the past year, in early June of this year, the online community will hold a so-called World IPv6 Day, when the weight of the world’s major sites will be connected to the routing protocol support for IPv6, however, in contrast to last year’s “test- drive “protocol IPv6, now the world’s portals will not(…)

Microsoft: Founder of botnets Kelihos worked Agnitum

Microsoft officials have filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court, accusing a resident of St. Petersburg in the coding and participation in the creation botnets Kelihos. Four months later, after Microsoft managed to eliminate botnet Kelihos, representatives of the corporation identified a man who stands behind a massive network, which control the distribution of spam, and compromised data. Microsoft(…)

Windows 8 will receive advanced networking capabilities – Microsoft

Microsoft said that in a future operating system, Windows 8 it is going to greatly simplify and automate the installation and connection to wireless broadband connection. In the corporate blog 8 Building Windows Program Manager Microsoft Devices and Networking Group Billy Anders wrote that the future flagship operating system gets a lot of new tools that(…)

Microsoft will feed on the threat of botnets

Microsoft will collect and disseminate data about the current botnet malware. Microsoft Corporation plans to use the information strip to gather information to address major botnets. The company will collect information about threats received from intercepted botnets and other resources, such as foreign governments, law enforcement agencies and departments to combat cyber criminals and private organizations, etc., reported members(…)

Microsoft: Apple has forced us to make Windows Phone

Microsoft VP Joe Belfiore and the head of a division of WP-Terry Myerson told about how the company decided not to develop Windows Mobile and Windows Phone. According to them, to release a brand new mobile OS they forced Apple, but rather an extremely high popularity first iPhone. According to Joe Belfiore, Apple has revamped the mobile industry,(…)

Netcraft: in January to 582.7 million working websites

According to a recent report, Web monitoring company Netcraft, as of January 1, 2012 to work on the Internet 582 716 657 Web sites and personal blogs, which is 27.2 million or 4.9% more than a month earlier. All of the major suppliers of Web servers continue to increase their own market shares. Most of all, this(…)