Android and iOS dominate the smartphone market in the U.S.

Operating system, Android and iOS leaving behind other mobile platforms in the U.S., has secured 82% of the market, according to research analysts NPD Group for the first nine months of 2011. Smartphones running Android occupy 53% of the market. iOS retains 29%. Closes the three BlackBerry with the index 11%, although 5 years ago, this OS(…)

XP is losing ground – Windows 7 builds popularity

From August to September increase in the use of Windows 7 began to accelerate. While previous monthly increase in the proportion of expressed 1% in September, he jumped from 30.6% to 32.42%, or 1.82%. It seems that this was not a single anomaly: the velocity of Windows 7 is really growing. More: XP is losing ground(…)

Businesses told to disclose information about hacker attacks

Commission on Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has demanded from listed companies to disclose information about U.S. attacks. The body regulating the securities market has given firms know that they can no longer hide the cyber-attacks if they can inflict financial damage to companies or to make financial information available to potential investors misinformation. Here(…)

The slowdown of the site of the New York Stock Exchange – probably the work of Anonymous

Site work has slowed down in NYSE twice at noon this Monday. It was at this time in the schedule of Anonymous DDoS attack was part of the site. But the attack was weak and kept only part of the group. This reflects the confusion that reigns in the organization, in which, as they say, there is(…)