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Cisco introduced a report on cyber threats for the fourth quarter of 2011

In the fourth quarter of 2011, the number of threats aimed at corporate users, has increased by 205% compared with 2010. Representatives from Cisco presented a report on threats to cyberspace for the fourth quarter of 2011. The report, prepared by a team of Cisco Intrusion Prevention System, contains information on cyber threats in the period from(…)

The number of malware samples exceed 75 million by 2012

According to McAfee, the number of new malware samples exceed 75 million by the end of the year. In the quarterly report on the threats, the company reported that the number of new models over the preliminary assessment and makes the company to change its forecast, increasing performance. Toralv Dyrr, a strategist in the security(…)

Why hackers do not need to be smart

Cyber ??criminals use the same technology and tactics for years, but companies are still not able to defend against them. Online, in print, on TV and radio, reporting for the report tells us that this new malicious attack was “yet more sophisticated than anything we’ve seen before.” Media seems to want the world to believe in(…)

McAfee promises a breakthrough in the field of security with DeepSAFE

McAfee declassified security platform, which is hoping the company is revolutionizing the way to protect systems from malicious programs. The development, dubbed DeepSAFE, is a platform that enables tools to integrate McAfee security with Intel on the silicon level, controlling and blocking the code at the lowest level. According to the company, the platform is the(…)

Ice IX – first malicious code based on the resulting freely available source code ZeuS

After all the rumors of a merger SpyEye and ZeuS and publish the source code at beginning of the last virus had more opportunities to join the creators of malicious software. The emergence of new software packages, based on ZeuS, was only a matter of time. And they have already appeared. Ice IX Botnet – the first generation of(…)