Mac OS

Trojan MacControl found in Word documents

The company’s specialists AlienVault found a Trojan that spreads from MS Office files and installed in a system with a critical vulnerability MS09-027 in Microsoft Office. The vulnerability is dated the year 2009, but is still used. According to the AlienVault, sending malicious files involved in the same organization, which had previously been seen in the attacks on Tibetan non-governmental organizations . The(…)

The number of security holes in software this year has decreased

The number of publicly disclosed vulnerabilities in 2011 decreased, as well as the proportion of bugs that were exploited. Affects the development of a safe? Attacking this year reached a great success, but a common attack vector – the exploitation of vulnerabilities in software – it seems on the decline. According to preliminary data companies that(…)

Lazy hackers altered the old Trojan for Linux on Mac OS X

According to experts, hackers are testing new malware for the Mac, copied from the Trojan nine years ago and was originally written for Linux. Malware, called “Tsunami”, circulated in a limited number since last week, said researchers from ESET Security, Slovak company that produces anti-virus software. About the Tsunami for the first time we heard(…)

Resources infected Macs used to create Bitcoin

Security researchers discovered the virus penetrated the Macy’s buyout in order to illegally create digital currency Bitcoin. Trojan DevilRobber.A can be found on the portal The Pirate Bay and other BitTorrent trackers, where he was introduced to the graphics editor Graphic Converter for Mac OS X, written in his blog, the researchers Sophos. Like the previous(…)

Trojan attacks Mac built-in security

Malware developers have created a special trojan for Mac, to attack anti-virus protection built into the operating system AppleMac OS X. Flashback.C Trojan disables the component automatically update antivirus software and XProtect OS X, says security firm F-Secure. By erasing the files, a malicious program prevents further updates, creating greater the likelihood that malicious code entrenched(…)

New Trojan for Mac OS X is hidden inside PDF

Malicious programs to Mac OS X, simply can not compete with the Windows Malicious Software on the prevalence or diversity. But, apparently, malicious programs for OS X can learn from some of the most successful schemes, which are used to trick users Windows-viruses. Researchers presented a sample of the Trojan running in OS X, which disguises(…)

Cracking passwords in Mac OS X Lion simplified

The Apple made a few blunders in the security of passwords in OS X Lion, says blogger Patrick Dunstan. Dunstan, who published information about hacking passwords, Mac OS X a few years ago, I decided to revisit the problem with the release of OS X Lion (version 10.7). He discovered that the Apple developers have(…)