Low Orbit Ion Cannon

In the low-orbit ion cannon Anonymous embedded trojan

Trojan steals banking information, e-mail credentials, as well as cookie-files of users who install the supplied Tool Anonymous. As reported by Symantec, users who have installed on their computers, “low-orbit ion cannon” (Low Orbit Ion Cannon), an additional victims of the Trojan. The tool allows users to DDoS-attacks, however, that his work was not limited. The(…)

Anonymous will not attack Facebook January 28, 2012

Anonymous call video of their intention to attack Facebook «lie press.” According to Digital Journal, members of hacker group Anonymous denied information about their intention to carry out an attack on the social network Facebook. In the account of Twitter user @ anonops said: “We are again compelled to declare that we will not attack Facebook. Media lie again. “We(…)

Anonymous and LulzSec attacks help focus on safety

According to the Internet company Akamai, threats of such hacktivist groups like Anonymous and LulzSec, already have had a positive effect, forcing the company to invest heavily in prevention of spreading of DDoS-attacks, though such attacks can be reduced quite easily. Website V3 talked to John Summers, who was appointed vice president of product safety(…)

Anonymous hackers launching a new program to attack sites

A well-known hacker group Anonymous has announced that today, 17 September, will start in his new web design for mass DDoS-attacks to replace the current application Low Orbit Ion Cannon, is used for this purpose. According to the Anonymous, instead of simple automatically send requests to the appropriate site or the server to remove it from(…)