Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin will lead the Pentagon Centre for Cybercrime

Becoming a victim of hackers, the company was able to win the competition for the organization of Internet crime lab. The company Lockheed Martin has announced that the U.S. government will allocate millions of dollars to organize and maintain forensic laboratory specializing in computer crimes. According to Reuters, the sum of the resulting organization of(…)

WikiLeaks has published classified information of Stratfor

More than 5 million company Stratfor confidential letters are in open access. February 27 this year WikiLeaks has published in the portal of free access to more than 5 million confidential letters belonging to the company Stratfor. Employees of the resource did not specify how the confidential information got to him. Note that an American(…)

M86 Security: The level of malicious spam has increased to 5% in the second half of 2011

Cyber ??attacks during the second half of 2011 have become more sophisticated and focused on business organizations, critical infrastructure of various countries, as well as military government agencies. According to HelpNetSecurity, M86 Security specialists have analyzed cyberthreats faced by users in the second half of 2011. In particular, attracted the attention of scientists and spam(…)

Adobe fixes two bugs in actively exploited Reader

Adobe has released updates to its Reader application and Acrobat, which eliminates two vulnerabilities exploited by hackers to take control of computers based on Windows. Software version 9.4.7 fixes two bug, spoiling the contents of memory. These bugs, according to Adobe, “actively exploited in the implementation of targeted attacks with limited objectives”, and carried out attacks(…)

Hackers use a zero-day vulnerability in Adobe Reader

Adobe has today confirmed that the uncorrected zero-day vulnerabilities has been exploited by hackers. The objectives of these attacks can be defense contractors. Adobe has promised to fix the bug in versions of Reader and Acrobat 9 for Windows by the end of next week. On Tuesday, December 12, is also scheduled for the traditional Microsoft Patch(…)

Lockheed Martin opens cyber center

The company Lockheed Martin has added an international network of laboratories, which includes facilities in the U.S. and UK cybersecurity center in Canberra. Its center of computer innovation and next generation technologies NextGen Cyber ??Innovation and Technology Centre (NCITE) is under construction. It will occupy an area of ??900 square meters.Lockheed Martin said that at the(…)

RSA attack began with a letter of 13 words

Theft of secret data related to the RSA SecurID tokens , used by 40 million workers to access private networks started with an e-mail, consisting of 13 words. “I suggest that you review this file,” – said in a letter that was sent to employees of the parent company RSA – EMC. “Please open and read it.” Never(…)

Breaking RSA was worth $ 66 million

Exploit, purpose of which was classified information related to the product of two-factor RSA authentication called SecurID, was worth only in the second quarter parent company, EMC $ 66 million, reported the newspaper The Washington Post. Money was spent after the March RSA published a clear worded letter warning that the network of its kind(…)

RSA finally acknowledged the SecurID compromise: all tokens will be replaced

RSA Security will replace each of the 40 million tokens SecurID, used now, due to attacks by hackers attack, which occurred in March . Division of EMC has finally released a letter to clients in which explains that the SecurID failed to protect the corporation, Lockheed Martin, which tried to force last month . SecurID(…)

Hacked site PBS said that Tupac Shakur is alive

News site Public Broadcasting System (PBS) was the last big victim of hackers. Members of the group called LulzSec managed to hack the site and host a story that Tupac Shakur is still alive. This is the third major attack in a month. As a result of breaking Sony PlayStation Network (PSN) hackers managed to(…)