Linux kernel

Linux “stepped over the desktop”

Recently, the Linux community was much discussion of the news that the share of Linux on desktops for the first time broke the one per cent. This magical barrier seemed enchanted, and a free operating system has never showed the market share of more than 1% for all eighteen years of its existence. This situation seemed rather(…)

Members tablets based on Windows 8 will not work with Linux

One of the new aspects of the operating system, Windows 8 is the subject of considerable controversy among developers and users. We are talking about the possibility of forced load, which has responsibilities – to protect the boot sector of a computer or a tablet from the impact of malicious code. However, as a side effect(…)

Nokia bought the mobile platform Smarterphone

Apparently, Nokia is not enough of the two mobile operating systems. According to CNET, the Finnish company bought a small Norwegian company Smarterphone, which is developing a software platform for mobile phones. The deal was confirmed by representatives Smarterphone, but Nokia has not commented on this information. According to the developers, the operating system is designed so that(…)