AGARI offers companies free to deploy the solution DMARC

DMARC is used to authenticate the senders of e-mails. The company AGARI, which develops security solutions for email, today announced the launch of the program «DMARC Receiver», aimed at the realization of a free authentication system, e-mail messages to everyone. Any company can use frequently updated database of phishers and spammers. Recall that for message(…)

Large companies introduce a new system to protect against phishing attacks

Standard DMARC designed to authenticate e-mails. Large companies such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo, PayPal, LinkedIn, AOL, Bank of America and others, have developed a standard for handling e-mail, designed to combat phishing attacks. Standard DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) allows relatively precise filter and block the transfer of messages sent to defrauding the user of(…)

Engineers from Facebook and Twitter called Google “focus on the user”

According to the publication Business Insider, a team of engineers from Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, offered an alternative to the new search function Search Plus Your World from Google. An alternative design based on organic search results Google, the search engine calls “focus on the user” and avoid hits in the delivery of results and Google +, where(…)

U.S. Internet companies have opposed anti-piracy laws

In the U.S., several major Internet companies, including Google, Yahoo and Facebook, have announced their protest against the SOPA – American Law against online piracy, which would allow the authorities to deny access to sites with pirated content. They previously expressed its disapproval of these two bills, but now 9 giants in the face of(…)

Cloud computing and mobile devices lead to an increase in cyber crime

Business leaders baffled by the problem of cloud computing and the use of mobile workers, such as smart phones and tablets, right at their workplaces. All this together can cause an increase in cyber crime, the study says KPMG. In a study of E-Crime in 2011 was attended by 200 major companies involved in security systems. 68% of respondents(…)