“The method of duckling” to solve complex problems

Programmers (developers?) Like to consider themselves to be creative, but engineers have decades earlier, and allow themselves such they could not. Modern creative developers have even invented a very interesting and creative way to solve complex problems – delegating their mind’s assistant, a  yellow rubber ducky from the bathroom. So does the book advises, “The programmer progmatik.” It seems(…)

How to send a link to the article with the selected text

You have happened that you send someone an article and want to help people find the most interesting piece of text? But you probably had to say something like “There’s pictures to the second fan, and read the second sentence of second paragraph” This is inconvenient. And you can send a link highlighted in yellow (or any other)(…)

5 creative lessons from the creator of the button “Like”

Who else but a man whose work – to invent and implement unusual ideas, can give excellent advice on creativity? Cuervo Soleil – designer and member of the team that came up so we all loved the “Like” button , shares his understanding of the creative process. This is an excerpt from an interview of  Soleil(…)