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Kaspersky Lab: “Red October” is spying on the world’s governments

Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 – 3 Users “Kaspersky Lab” has published a report on a large-scale study of the campaign by cybercriminals to commit espionage for diplomatic, government and research organizations around the world. Malicious actions were designed to obtain confidential information data, providing access to computer systems, personal mobile devices and corporate networks as(…)

Kaspersky Lab has detected “incorporeal” bot

According to the research company, the malicious program is entirely in memory of an infected computer. According to a report in the official blog of “Kaspersky Lab”, the specialists of the company managed to capture a unique hacker attack on the visitors to the popular news sources. According to experts, the attackers used a so-called(…)

Brazilian ATM-sniffer “Chupacabra”

Expert “Kaspersky Lab” Assolini Fabio (Fabio Assolini) on his blog at Securelist.com spoke on the distribution of banking Trojan “Chupacabra”, written in Brazil. In his post you can see that there is a possibility of its use in the Russian system of ATMs. You may have heard about the Chupacabra – Goat vampire (“lollipop” in Spanish means “to(…)

Spammers have started to return from Christmas holidays – “Kaspersky Lab”

The amount of spam has hardly changed over the past week and was 72.4%. This is almost 1% less than last week, and this difference indicates only minor fluctuations. The distribution of subjects with the end of spam long vacation has become much more like last year – potential customers spammers have returned from vacation, and themselves,(…)

Antiviral quacks exaggerate fears about Android

Providers of security solutions behave as “charlatans and swindlers” in the propagation of anti-virus applications to protect smartphones from malicious programs, said a supporter of open source software from Google to Chris DiBono his uncompromising attack on the industry. In recent weeks, suppliers of antivirus software, including “Kaspersky Lab”, McAfee and even infrastructure companies such(…)

34% of malware for Android steal users’ personal data

The second half of 2011 was hot at times for cybercriminals attempting to apply the new fraud schemes in respect of mobile users. According to “Kaspersky Lab” Android platform has finally become the most popular among the creators of mobile malware, ahead of other platforms and ‘universal’ viruses based on Java. Apart from sending messages and(…)

Giants in the security disagreed about the twin Stuxnet, Duqu

Providers of security solutions across the globe seem divided over about a newly discovered malware threats Duqu . They argue not only for the attack, but even on a team that is behind Duqu. Symantec and McAfee have come to different conclusions about Duqu despite the fact that allegedly received a sample of malware the same source –(…)

Oracle closed vulnerability in Java SE platform

Corporation Oracle announced the release of a set of updates for a member of the platform Java Standard Edition (SE) sixth and seventh editions of the software tools. According to published information specialists Oracle provided updates-Java SE 6 Update 29 and Java SE 7 Update 1 – remove two dozen vulnerabilities , five of which have the status of hazardous(…)

DLP-Russia 2011: Roundtable “Forensic and investigation of cyber crime”

October 28, at the Congress Centre “InfoSpace” IV International Conference will be held DLP-Russia 2011. Key themes of the conference will be the protection of information from internal threats and leaks. This year, organizers decided to expand the subject and hold a round table “Forensic and investigation of cyber crime.” The discussion will be affected by the development(…)

Every day more than 70 thousand new malware

Every day the world’s cybercrime efforts of groups appears more than 70 000 new samples of malicious software. This was during a speech at an international conference IDC «Innovation technologies of governance: towards a future economy,” said Managing Director of “Kaspersky Lab “in emerging markets Garry Kondakov. antivirus company representative noted that the vector of hacking attacks gradually shifted to(…)