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A Taste of JavaFX Script

The best way to get the flavor of JavaFX Script is to see some examples! Don’t worry if some of these don’t make sense, the rest of this Reference will provide the details…..  

Setting Up NetBeans IDE With JavaFX 2.0

JavaFX is a powerful Java-interface platform capable of handling large-scale data-driven applications business. JavaFX 2.0 is a major update to the platform, JavaFX.Starting with this version, developers can create JavaFX applications entirely in Java. Read more on JavaFX Tutorials

The Example Servlets

This chapter uses the Duke’s Bookstore application to illustrate the tasks involved in programming servlets. Table 10-1 lists the servlets that handle each bookstore function. Each programming task is illustrated by one or more servlets. For example, BookDetailsServlet illustrates how to handle HTTP GET requests, BookDetailsServlet and CatalogServlet show how to construct responses, and CatalogServlet illustrates how to track session information.   Table 10-1 Duke’s Bookstore Example Servlets  Function(…)

Session Tracking in Servlets

Previous : Session Management A Web container can use several methods to associate a session with a user, all of which involve passing an identifier between the client and server. The identifier can be maintained on the client as a cookie or the Web component can include the identifier in every URL that is returned(…)

Session Management in Servlets

Previous : Maintaining Client State Since there is no way for an HTTP client to signal that it no longer needs a session, each session has an associated timeout so that its resources can be reclaimed. The timeout period can be accessed with a session’s [get|set]MaxInactiveInterval methods. You can also set the timeout period in deploytool: Select the(…)

Including Other Resources in the Response Servlets

It is often useful to include another Web resource, for example, banner content or copyright information, in the response returned from a Web component. To include another resource, invoke theinclude method of a RequestDispatcher object: include(request, response); If the resource is static, the include method enables programmatic server-side includes. If the resource is a Web component, the effect of the(…)