Windows Phone will have “military grade” security

Good for Enterprise Services will be used in all devices, Windows Phone 7.5, which will allow employees of companies use their own phones to work in the office. Microsoft Corp. has signed a deal with Good Technology, which specializes in enterprise solutions mobile security services, the use of Good for Enterprise in all devices Windows(…)

Jailbreak for Apple iPad 2 and iPhone 4S under iOS 5.0.1

The hacker group Chronic Dev Team released an update toolkit GreenPois0n, finally incorporating the jailbreak for Apple iPad 2 and iPhone 4S under iOS 5.0.1. This is a welcome update, which for many months waiting for the owners of devices Apple. Latest version of the iPad and iPhone was incredibly difficult to crack, this honestly members GreenPois0n. Well,(…)

First look at the smartphone Fujitsu Arrows Kiss F-03D

“Women’s smartphone on Android» – is as rare a thing in fact, as the machine DeLorean DMC-12 from the movie “Back to the Future” from next door. That is such machine somewhere is even available, but see the “Delorean” on the road is almost impossible, even if you live in America. The company recently introduced its HTC-oriented(…)

HP introduces ultrabook glass

HP coated glass cover almost all Gorilla Glass surface ultrabook called HP Envy 14 Spectre. However, this device can hardly be referred to a promising new category ultrabook because its price starts at $ 1.4 thousand. Manufacturers have begun to actively replenish ultrabook range – after Asustek, Lenovo, Toshiba, Samsung and Hewlett-Packard have joined the(…)

The Turning Point: iPhone loses market

Averages for Europe talk about reducing the demand for the iPhone.This is due to inadequate economic situation, which forces European consumers save money. No good economic situation and falling prices for Android-smartphones have reduced the share of Apple’s total sales of mobile phones in Europe, Reuters reported with reference to the British company Kantar Worldpanel,(…)

Crash reports to Apple to help hackers create an exploit to jailbreak

Jailbreaking an iPhone is a hot topic of the moment, as Apple has released the first device. According to the latest news, BBC, thousands of smartphone owners have joined forces with a team of hackers to help them find new ways jailbreaking smartphone software, and crackers use crash reports to Apple for unlocking devices. The team of(…)

How to remove Carrier IQ from Android, Blackberry and iPhone

It is still not 100% cleared up the situation with who and for what purposes the use of Carrier IQ smartphone users, but all holders of platforms iOS, Android, and now the Blackberry can be manually removed from the mobile’s built-in friend a tracking system. Harvesting Carrier IQ with iPhone: According to Apple, the majority of smartphones on(…)

Application on Facebook will help in searching jobs

As Reuters reports, with reference to the website for job search Monster.com, Facebook launches app BeKnown, which allows users to establish professional contacts in social networks. BeKnown determines a user’s experience and his professional affiliations, and when the application identifies a suitable job, the applicant may express their interest to the employer. As an application the(…)

Yahoo:In 2011, the most popular search term was iPhone

This year, iPhone was the most popular search term on Yahoo, well furnished of all the possible and the most explosive celebrity world news. According to the Yahoo, Apple’s smartphone has proved more popular than, for example, reality show star Kim Kardashian, singer Katy Perry and her colleague Jennifer Lopez in the shop, which closes the(…)

New version of Google Search is available for iPad owners

Google said that the process of searching the Internet through the iPad is now faster and more interactive. \