iPhone 4S

New iPhone may get a screen with a diagonal of 4.6 inches

New details become known about the next generation iPhone , whose debut is expected upcoming summer or fall.According to Reuters, referring to the publication of the South Korean Maeil Business Newspaper, the new smartphone Apple could become the owner of a huge touch screen with a diagonal of 4.6 inches, which would put it on par with(…)

iPhone can be hacked using a paper clip

“Hack» iPhone can be used only if the screen is a notification of missed calls. Members of the group of developers iPhoneIslam discovered a security breach iPhone, which allows using a simple paper clip to bypass the password smartphone and access to personal data by the device. “Hack” the device can be used only if(…)

In Singapore, the iPhone 4S cook without a camera

Singapore is renowned for its harsh, but fair laws. In particular, the military in this country is forbidden to be on army bases with devices able to perform photo and video. This definition fits the Apple iPhone and other modern smartphones. Therefore, local soldiers are forced to acquire two phones: the first to work on the base and(…)

Jailbreak for iPhone 4S may appear on next week

Jailbreak for Apple iPhone 4S smartphones can appear as early as next week. This was announced in his Twitter developer, disguised under the pseudonym @ pod2g. Jailbreak for iPhone 4S smartphones and plashetov iPad 2 running on the operating system iOS 5.0.1, was available before, but it required to connect the gadget to your computer every(…)

Trend Micro: Scammers offer iPhone 4S for half price on eBay

Fraudsters trying to get personal information of users and their funds using forged an offer to buy iPhone 4S. Specialists at Trend Micro documented fraudulent scheme in which criminals offer users to buy half-price iPhone 4S using fake ebay pages. On the pages of fake money on the mobile device is indicated in euros, while in the(…)

Google beat Groupon to buy Clever Sense

No sooner had the rumor that Groupon is negotiating to buy a developer of mobile applications Clever Sense circumnavigate the world, as it denies the fact of purchase of service by Google. Technology Clever Sense, which developed on the basis of an application Alfred, on the basis of a filter selects the closest places recommended(…)

iFixit disassembled iPhone 4S – confirmed 512 MB of RAM

One arrived today in the market of smartphones iPhone 4S immediately came to the lab resource iFixit, which experts have published a detailed report on the process of disassembly, complete with photos. Experts iFixit found that the battery capacity is 5.3 iPhone 4S W * h, that is, 0.05 W * h more than the iPhone 4. This(…)