Australian residents have been disconnected from the international segment of the Internet

For some time residents of Australia can only connect to local resources. Australian Internet users yesterday, February 23, suffered cuts with a connection to the WAN. Communication problems have arisen at about 13.40-13.50 on Australian time, users who live in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide and other regions of Australia. According to, with reference to(…)

Spammers spread the virus to Twitter

It clarifies the experts, the malicious letter targeted at the Russian-speaking users. As follows from the notice published on the official page of the airline’s Russia in the social network Twitter, unidentified attackers spread spam messages with links to malicious resources, providing access documents in the organization. “Dear readers, to Twi walks viral link – “download guide for the product-woo flights(…)

Vint Cerf: no need to rewrite the entire Internet for security reasons

No need to rewrite the basic Internet protocols to improve security, says Vint Cerf. He also warned that the government is taking stringent attempts to gain control of the networks in their own hands. Cerf , co-creator of TCP/IP and the chief public relations manager at Google, told delegates to the Conference Atmosphere, which was held in(…)

7 web development trends 2011: Tools of progressive developers

Keep up with all emerging technologies for building Web applications possible. Yes and no reason. But for trendy solutions that are tested on real projects gururazrabotchikami, monitor needed. We have tried to track down the most striking trends – and that’s what happened. Trend 1. Refusal to SQL Modern web projects imposed enormous demands on the part of the(…)

Adobe SocialAnalytics determine the success of Facebook and Twitter

Adobe has launched a analysis  utility, created to ensure that companies can assess the impact of social media to organize income and overall brand value. Adobe SocialAnalytics allows companies to collect all available data from Facebook and Twitter, as well as various blogs, forums, message boards and other popular sites such as Dailymotion, Hulu and(…)

DARPA will protect Internet

DARPA improves its strategy to protect the Internet and in connection with this budget, designed to study the IB for the coming 2012 will be increased from $ 120 million to $ 188 million. “We need more alternatives. According to our estimates, we are limited in their capabilities, both in attack and defense. And we(…)

Moscow police detained fraud in online banking

The staff of the Moscow department of economic security and to combat corruption have been detained by members of an organized criminal group, trades fraud in online banking. The press office of the Chief Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in Moscow. According to the department information, intruders by introducing malicious(…)

Internet accounts for 2% of global energy consumption

According to the study, the devices that make up the global network and connect to it, consume from 170 to 307 GW. Such an estimate of consumption of Internet infrastructure provided Justin Ma from the University of California at Berkeley ( University of California ) and Bharat Raghavan of the International Institute of Computer Science ( Computer Science Institute(…)

The German government spied on users with Trojan

A well-known group of German hackers, called Chaos Computer Club has published its own statement, which accused the German government in creating and distributing the Net Trojan to spy on users. According to the Chaos Computer Club, a trojan was found on the web and submitted them for analysis. It turned out that this program was(…)

Device to find wireless Internet – WiFi Dowsing Rod

For those who are lost in the electronic jungle, the English designer Mike Thompson came up with quite a brilliant thing! WiFi Rod dowsing is a sensor signal frequencies WiFi. It is made ??in the form of the rod to find water underground. Excellent indicator of the relationship of nature and high technology! Author website –