Internet Explorer

Zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer already exploited by hackers

While Microsoft is intended to correct some of the flaws in their products with patches that were released on Tuesday, the experts found a zero-day vulnerability in most versions of Internet Explorer. According to the researchers, this gap is exploited by hackers. The company FireEye, dealing with security issues, reported the vulnerability last weekend. The(…)

New protection for IE10

Development Team 10 Internet Explorer continues to acquaint the public with the new browser. This time they talked about improvements in the security system , including the SmartScreen Filter , XSS Filter and HTML5-sandbox . The main improvement in IE10 – Mode Enhanced Protected Mode, which is to reliably isolate potentially malicious code from the surrounding system environment. Some elements of the sandbox familiar(…)

Microsoft has decided it will update Internet Explorer automatically

Microsoft has decided to follow the example of Google and Mozilla, and includes automatic updates of Internet Explorer to new versions. Now new versions and security updates are available to users via Windows Update, but the transition from one version to another is always required manual work – for the installation attended a separate window.(…)

Try to crack: Chrome the most secure browser, IE second, Firefox on third place

Google Chrome better than other popular browsers to protect against online threats. It is clear from the study, during which the score abilities Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox mitigate exploits of, recognize malicious links, etc. The basis for the 102-page report, prepared by researchers at the company Accuvant, was the assumption that no complex software(…)

Next week Microsoft will release 20 patches for its products

Microsoft Corp. today announced that next week will release a patch set for December of its software, which claimed 14 security bulletins, eliminating 20 different software vulnerabilities Windows, Internet Explorer, MS Office and Windows Media Player. Among the patches and fixes are for the most notorious problems such as holes, are used by the Trojan Duqu,(…)

Microsoft pointed out security flaws in Firefox and Chrome

Microsoft has introduced a website aimed at raising awareness of safety by comparing the abilities of browsers Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome resist malware, phishing and other threats. Website Your Browser Matters gave Firefox and Chrome measly 2 and 2.5 points respectively out of 4 possible. However, try to enter the site using IE9 and you(…)