Oracle database vulnerable

SQL-injection and other advanced threat gain momentum, and researchers complain that the effort that Oracle spends on other applications that distract the company from enhancing security of databases. Word of Oracle’s database security is not supported by case? Some researchers from the community associated with databases, think so. They complain that since the giant grew even more,(…)

DDoS-attacks and SQL-injection – the main topic on hacker forums

Distributed Denial of Service and the introduction of SQL-code – the main types of attacks are discussed in hacker forums, according to new research conducted by Imperva, providing services for information security. Illegal discussion forums are an important part in the ecosystem of criminals. They are the place where hackers can sell and exchange information, software(…)

Imperva offers cloud DDoS protection

The company Imperva presented the cloud protection from DDoS-attacks – is based on the technology of cloud security service that helps companies protect themselves from DDoS-attacks. By subscribing to this service, organizations can protect against downtime, discredit their brand and the potential financial losses that the company may incur as a result of DDoS-attacks. Key features of(…)