PHP IDE Review : CodeLobster

For a long time, I worked in PHP for development. I’ve developed Java Web applications with Eclipse, Netbeans and IntelliJ IDEA. These are a great Java IDEs. I wanted something similar for PHP. Recently I came across Code Lobster – a Portable PHP IDE, so reviewing it for our readers at LetsByteCode.   IDE Features(…)

Guide to Java Programming

API API stands for Application Programming Interface. As applied to Java, an API is a well-defined set of classes and methods that furnish a specific set of functionality to the Java programmer. JDBC are APIs for accessing SQL data. Bytecodes The set of single-byte, machine-independent instructions to which Java source code is compiled using the(…)

Exploit Pack: open source framework to exploit

Exploit Pack is a security framework, open source, designed by Juan Sacco. It combines the advantages of Java GUI, Python and well-known exploits. It is the IDE, to simplify the task of developing new exploits, as well as the possibility of instant search and modules based on XML. Open the license agreement for the project will help(…)