IBM created an optical processor that can handle terabytes of data per second

Research Division, IBM has created a prototype of an optical processor that can transmit terabits (!) Of data every second, using an unusual design with 48 small holes in a standard CMOS-chip, which is conducted through the light. At IBM, they say, created a prototype of the processor much faster and more efficient than today’s processors(…)

Hackers infiltrated the computer system of the company Foxconn

As a result of hacking, hackers have published an e-mail credentials to employees. February 8, 2012 a group of hackers Swagg Security infiltrated the computer system and stole Foxconn’s credentials by e-mail accounts of some employees. In addition, hackers also managed to get the credentials of employees, which were used in the company’s intranet. All(…)

Oracle provides centralized standardization of Java

Oracle Corporation proposes to change the rules of a committee responsible for oversight and standardization of technical standards development language Java. Oracle proposal is to create a single central committee, other than the now defunct distributed structure. Oracle, said that the current committee is responsible for standardization of Java is designed so that the statement of(…)

Red Hat will present a new version of its own platform for virtualization RHEV 3.0

Red Hat tomorrow, as expected, presents the third version of its own software platform for virtualization Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV). January 18, Red Hat has appointed a special press event Virtual Experience, dedicated to the new product. As described in the company, the new version of this could get rid of one of the most unpleasant(…)

The number of security holes in software this year has decreased

The number of publicly disclosed vulnerabilities in 2011 decreased, as well as the proportion of bugs that were exploited. Affects the development of a safe? Attacking this year reached a great success, but a common attack vector – the exploitation of vulnerabilities in software – it seems on the decline. According to preliminary data companies that(…)

Ups and downs of the IT industry from 16 to 22 November

What’s new in the IT industry? IBM has attracted a very significant investment * Contactless payments are becoming a reality * Google contrasts his service iTunes * Apple chose a new head * And much more … Finally followed by at least some reaction to the Google Wallet from one of the pillars of the IT-industry. No,(…)

IBM has been working with the students over to accommodate Watson supercomputer for business

IBM is working with the students of Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology in finding ways to use the supercomputer Watson to business needs. Representatives of the “Blue Giant” met with students of the university on Monday to discuss the types of business problems that may supercomputer to take on. PC Watson, named after the founder of(…)

Large companies failed test for susceptibility to social engineering

Published report describes the results of “capture the flag” competition, conducted among 14 companies engaged in retail trade, air transportation, food, technology and mobile services. It turns out that employees engaged in retail trade, harder to catch the bait of social engineering than the employees of call centers or customer support site. This is just(…)

UEFI: a long-awaited successor to the BIOS and Linux sworn friend

To replace the old as the computer world, the BIOS comes something completely new called UEFI.Unfortunately, apart from the masses of useful innovations, UEFI will bring with it many problems. Thus, it is possible that in the next year to install some Linux distributions on the new computers will be simply impossible … Developed over thirty(…)

IBM bought the developer of solutions for information security Q1 Labs

IBM has announced the acquisition of U.S. company Q1 Labs, a developer of hardware locks for risk management, events and incidents in information security. Financial terms were not disclosed. Q1 Labs program are able to collect and analyze information from multiple sources within the organization, such as a computer network, applications, Internet, users of mobile Web(…)