A new banking Trojan on the net

Trojan creates a system of proxy that intercepts traffic between the client and the system of RBS. Manufacturer antivirus “Doctor Web” reported that on the Internet was discovered a new banking trojan that creates a victim’s system proxy server to intercept data transmitted when using e-banking system (RBS) of the Russian banks. “Run on the(…)

Iran has once again closed the access to the Internet for citizens

Reuters has reported that today the people of Iran is the second time Less than 10 days were left without access to the Internet. It is reported that almost all the inhabitants of the largest cities in Iran, including Tehran, Isfahan and Mashhad, were left without access to email and social networks. It is reported that local(…)

On the eve of Saturday’s protests Iran disables access to some Internet services

Iranian authorities have now blocked access to a number of popular Internet services in the country. So, this morning, many Iranian people in different parts of the country report that they are no longer available for services Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo, and intermittently working social network Facebook. Official representatives of the Iranian Ministry of Communications does(…)

At least four CA’s hacked since June

At least four CA reported that have been hacked in recent months, according to a study conducted by the organization Electronic Frontier Foundation and raises serious questions about the technology, on which millions of Web sites rely on to ensure safety. Head of IT projects in the EFF Peter Eckersley has collected information by examining(…)

Vulnerability in Google Chrome does not affect safety, according to Google

Google Chrome contains a critical vulnerability, which, under certain conditions, allow attackers to introduce malicious software on computers equipped with Windows. In view of being in Slovenia Acros Security, Google does not classify the error as “vulnerability”, but as a “strange behavior, the question of change in which [they] have to consider.” Vulnerability, according to(…)

A critical vulnerability in the SSL out of theoretical level

Researchers have discovered a serious vulnerability in almost all web sites that use the SSL, which allows hackers to silently decode data that is sent between the Web server and browser, the end user. Vulnerability refers to the version 1.0 and earlier versions of TLS, cryptographic protocol, which is the foundation technology SSL, ensuring the(…)