W3C published full specification for HTML5

Organization World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has recently published a new version of the full specifications of HTML5. This means that the development of the language is not shaky but appears to be moving toward completion since 2004. It also published the final specifications for the so-called “canvas” (Canvas2D). This is a tool to display(…)

CSS shaders contribute to data theft

Software developers from Google, Apple, Adobe, etc. struggling with the security risks that have risen due to the emerging graphics technology, which in its present form can jeopardize millions of users. “The technology, known as CSS shaders , is designed to display a variety of distortion effects such as vibration, ripples and wrinkles. It works by providing a(…)

Released Silverlight 5

Microsoft Corp. on Friday without any additional announcements released Silverlight 5.Previously, corporations emerged around rumors that the company is supposedly going to turn the development of Silverlight, opting for a more accepted in the industry of HTML 5. That is the path originally went to Apple, Google now sells a lot on HTML 5. In addition,(…)

XSS-attacks can last forever

For sites that are randomly spread malicious code can now be much harder to stop this activity if the hackers use widespread browsers support the local store HTML5 and ever increasing tendency to not close your browser. If your browser is not equipped with a mechanism for safe recovery after a certain XSS-attacks, such attacks(…)

Built-in browser in Windows 8: two environments, a single engine

The official blog Windows 8 Build , Microsoft said, in what direction it leads the development of browser-environment in its future operating systems. In other words, what to expect from Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8. In the development of Internet Explorer for the new operating system company, of course, makes an important focus on the most(…)

Adobe: Flash will thrive inspite of Windows 8

Adobe has stated that even though Microsoft’s decision to the lack of Flash support in the Metro-version of Internet Explorer in Windows 10 8, it will continue the development of technology – a desktop version of the browser IE10 will continue to support Flash. In addition, the company reported that it is working on a version of(…)

Microsoft declined to Silverlight and all the other plugins in the new IE

Although it is not easy, no need to hurry to spread rumors about the death of Silverlight in the near future. As usual, rumors or exaggerated, or altogether false. A good example of this can serve as a common earlier view that the Web Forms will be preserved in maintenance mode, and never will be updated to(…)

Samsung released Bada 2.0 SDK

Samsung released Bada 2.0 SDK is aimed at enlarging the audience of its operating system, planning to release a series of innovative smartphones later this year. Bada 2.0 will contain several important updates, including support for multi-tasking, direct exchange of files via Wi-Fi, NFC and the ability to support voice recognition. The platform will better(…)