Linking from one webpage to a section of another webpage

To link from one web page to a section/part of another page : Consider the following example: Index.html: <a href=”services.html#food”> Food</a> Services.html <a name=”food”>Food:</a> Some text  about food —————————— ——————————

Anonymous launched an attack on government and anti-piracy sites

Following the arrest of the organizers of the project hacker groups worldwide have announced plans to conduct attacks on government websites and online resources of large media companies and industry organizations. On Friday, the U.S. FBI sites, U.S. Department of Justice and Industrial Organization MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) are struggling with the influx(…)

Reader PocketBook 611 basic: slim 6-inch budget models with Wi-Fi

The device has a modern design, has a 6-inch screen on the basis of electronic ink, productive hardware, read by a wide range of formats, additional software and wireless adapter Wi-Fi. Considering the above features and good build quality, reader, is relatively inexpensive – about $ 170. Plus, having a small size (122.6 x 176.38 x 9.7(…)