Hackers have stolen $11 million from clients of Visa

Organized group of cyber criminals stole about $11 million in the last days of 2012 as reported by KrebsOnSecurity. According to sources of financial institutions and law enforcement agencies for the first time hackers have proved New Year’s Day in 2012. To withdraw money from at least a dozen countries, fraudsters used a small amount(…)

Fortinet: Cybercriminals offer Crime-as-a-Service

According to the company report, the attackers are trying to create a clear structure for the organization of cybercriminals. Fortinet introduced the report «Fortinet 2013 Cybercrime Report», which focuses on the transition to a new level of cybercriminals. Thus, attackers use a business model «Crime-as-a-Service» («The crime as a service”) to provide unique services. The(…)

IAEA computer network hacked

Responsibility for the attack was taken by the group  «Parastoo», encouraged the experts to investigate Israel’s nuclear program. According to news agency Associated Press, the hacker group «Parastoo» hacked the computer network of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and posted in the public domain in the resource Pastebin data over a hundred experts of(…)

“Anonymous” attacked websites of Israel in protest against the operation in Gaza

“Anonymous” attacked Israeli websites on Friday in protest against the operation of the armed forces of this country in the Gaza Strip. This is stated in the statement of representatives of the organized group. A series of cyber attacks for a time knocked out a number of Israeli websites, on other Internet pages display messages(…)

MalSec: A new group within the Anonymous

Announced a new hacker group Malicious Security (MalSec), which is going to deal with censorship on the Internet, but it promises to be more accurate with its methods. The innocent should not suffer from the actions of hacktivists. Anonymous – it is a decentralized movement without hierarchy and expressed structure, but within it there are some individual groups,(…)

The number of attacks on critical U.S. facilities has increased by 782%

The U.S. government intends to put forward new obligations for businesses to cyber attacks that could lead to massive casualties and economic loss. As reported by The New York Times, hackers are increasingly focusing their efforts on critical infrastructure systems, the United States. During the period from October to February 2011 it became known about(…)

Anonymous found informer in their ranks

The hacker group Anonymous blog of Spanish-language movement delivered a statement about past arrests in late February, 25 members of the group. In a statement stating that the police and Interpol to apprehend hackers due to the introduction to the group. “Of course, we know the details of the arrests, and we know used [law enforcement] strategy, and(…)

Anonymous gained access to the database project SpecialForces.com

As a result, hackers have caught hacking SpecialForces.com 14 thousand user passwords and eight thousand credit card numbers. According to PCWorld, the members of the hacker group Anonymous gained access to the database project SpecialForces.com, who delivers the goods. In the hands of hackers was 14 thousand user passwords and eight thousand credit card numbers. Note that(…)

Hackers send out spam messages using false applications for Android

Hackers used the popular Android application for sending spam policy. In honor of the Tunisian rebel, who committed suicide, hackers have released a modified version of the popular applications for the Android Al Salah. The original version of the application calculates the number of prayers of believers and enables them to determine the direction of Mecca.(…)

The most famous (caught) Hackers of 2011

Thanks to groups such as Anonymous, LulzSec, Goatse Security and Antisec investigators had something to do throughout the year. Although there are many subtle hackers who are always able to evade law enforcement authorities, however, failed this year to achieve impressive gains in arrests and charges. Here is a list of the most sensational cases of(…)