Hacker Denis Chalovskaya released

?alovski was supposed to go to trial in the U.S., but the ECHR ruled not to extradite him to another state. In Lugansk, in September of this year, were arrested hackers, carders. With the aid of a simple device they produced duplicate cards and thus removed the large sums of money that were stored in(…)

Hacker from Estonia indicted in the U.S.

An attacker could infect more than 4 million computers around the world with malware. According to the Associated Press, a hacker from Estonia was extradited to the United States. Note that the U.S. authorities charged with Anton Ivanov, the infection of computer systems with malware, which is passed queries to advertisements. In the U.S., Ivanov appeared(…)

Hacker Hannibal laid out in the open access data 100 000 Arab Facebook users

Following the publication of credentials 100 thousand Arab users, Hannibal called on all Israeli hackers to stop cyber war with Saudi Arabia. According to The Register, a hacker who uses the alias Hannibal, continued the war between the Palestinian and Israeli hackers, published in the open access user data 100 thousand Arab users of social network Facebook. Recall(…)

New Zealand Police arrest head gives details on Megaupload

New Zealand media on Saturday released details of the arrest of operators known Internet project Megaupload.com, they have received from the local police, who told about the operation. Police said the arrest of organizers Megaupload more like a scene from a Hollywood movie than a regular arrest is specific to a quiet farm in New Zealand. According(…)

A hacker with a disability assisted fortune in the Far East to deceive customers

Operatives Division “K” Don police officers with the Russian Federal Security Service in Rostov region have detained a hacker from Novocherkassk. He hacked e-mail Vladivostok residents commissioned by the Far Eastern fortune teller. In the hometown of her business flourished: how to know these tidbits … How do I find the operatives of The CEO of the(…)

Hacking a better preparation of students in the field of security

Students of network security, hacking skills necessary to teach them to “know your enemy” and were prepared for the threats of the real world. But educators and experts add that in the course of training emphasis is on law and ethics, so that students do not “overstepped the line” and have not used their skills to(…)

Hacker criticized Thai government by hacking premiere’s Twitter

Unknown hacker broke into the personal Twitter’s new prime minister of Thailand Yinglak Chinnavat and left criticism of the government, said on Sunday agency Associated Press,referring to the representative government Titimu Chasaenga. “We were informed that the Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies” – said the official. According to him, an unknown intruder penetrated into account of(…)

Facebook Hacker Cup

Russian Peter Mitrichev was declared the winner of the first annual “hacker cup Facebook» (Facebook Hacker Cup). Mitrichev received $ 5000, the cup itself, and recognition of colleagues in the programmer’s workshop and congratulations from the hands of the head of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Himself a cup, says Zuckerberg, symbolizes the hacking on the(…)