Phenomenon “! 1” on

If you specify a non-existent URL in the domain, then loaded the standard plug with error 404 “Page Not Found”. Since two years, Google has changed the design of this page, so now it looks that way.   All of these two years in the page header are exclamation points and in the phrase(…)

What has changed in SEO for Google in 2012?

Over the last 12 months (from November 2011 to November 2012) there have been significant changes in Google, which has affected the work of SEO-specialists. The most frequently used words for webmasters have the reputation and trust. We are talking about the reliability of the site, design, external links, and not about reputation management in(…)

The trial over the web-censorship in India was postponed to May 2012

In India, 20 companies, including Google, Facebook and Microsoft, are accused of conspiracy, defamation, promoting enmity between different religious and racial groups, as well as distributing obscene materials. The trial over the censorship on the web-content in India, involving 20 companies, including Google, Facebook and Microsoft, has been rescheduled for May 23, 2012. It is(…)

Chrome hacked twice in the Pwn2Own contest, and Pwnium

By offering a million dollar reward for found vulnerabilities in the browser, Chrome, Google has got what she wanted. Within five minutes after the Pwn2Own hacking competition French team Vupen Securitywas able to carry out the exploit two vulnerabilities Chrome and fully hack the browser . Thus, the team made a serious bid to win throughout the contest. This case also demonstrates that(…)

AGARI offers companies free to deploy the solution DMARC

DMARC is used to authenticate the senders of e-mails. The company AGARI, which develops security solutions for email, today announced the launch of the program «DMARC Receiver», aimed at the realization of a free authentication system, e-mail messages to everyone. Any company can use frequently updated database of phishers and spammers. Recall that for message(…)

Google has eliminated 12 vulnerabilities in Chrome

Of the 12 vulnerabilities fixed, 7 can compromise a vulnerable system. Google has released a security update for web-browser Chrome. Of the 12 vulnerabilities fixed in the browser, seven are rated high and allows a remote user to execute arbitrary code on the target system. The new version 17.0.963.56 eliminated five vulnerabilities with an average(…)

In June, the Internet once again would spend the day on the transition to IPv6

As in the past year, in early June of this year, the online community will hold a so-called World IPv6 Day, when the weight of the world’s major sites will be connected to the routing protocol support for IPv6, however, in contrast to last year’s “test- drive “protocol IPv6, now the world’s portals will not(…)

Large companies introduce a new system to protect against phishing attacks

Standard DMARC designed to authenticate e-mails. Large companies such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo, PayPal, LinkedIn, AOL, Bank of America and others, have developed a standard for handling e-mail, designed to combat phishing attacks. Standard DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) allows relatively precise filter and block the transfer of messages sent to defrauding the user of(…)

Google: more information about the issue of “unreliable” sites

A few days ago the chief engineer of Google, Matt Cutts shared with the webmasters of information that the search engine now has expanded coverage of prevention «This site may be compromised» («This site may contain a threat.”) Thus, in his post on Google + Mr. Cutts posted the following message: “We recently launched a change designed to broaden the scope(…)

Engineers from Facebook and Twitter called Google “focus on the user”

According to the publication Business Insider, a team of engineers from Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, offered an alternative to the new search function Search Plus Your World from Google. An alternative design based on organic search results Google, the search engine calls “focus on the user” and avoid hits in the delivery of results and Google +, where(…)