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Animated GIFs in profiles of Google+

Google+ has become the first of the major social networks in the world, which allowed the use of animated GIF-files in the profile photo [ ]. It turns out that the story develops in a spiral, since moving pictures were fashionable as avatars on forums even 10-20 years ago, before the advent of the(…)

Social Network Google + lost 60% traffic

Social network of Google, it seems to be losing their visitors: the Network of reports have appeared that Google + lost as much as 60% of traffic from 20 September 2011. Until that date, become a member can only holders of invites, which fueled public interest, but once the resource has opened its doors, a(…)

The number of Facebook users has exceeded 800 million

Daily site visits of 500 million Facebook users, Zuckerberg said on Thursday at a conference for developers F8 in San Francisco, where they were released optimized user interface and an updated social network platform for multimedia, gaming news and third-party online resources. The number of active users of the world’s largest social networking site Facebook(…)

The number of public positions in Google + decreased by 41% over the past two months

The data show that the average number of public positions on one account in Google + per day decreased from 0.68 public posts per day during the period from 19 July 2011 to August 19, 2011 to 0.40 in public posts per day during the period from August 19, 2011 September 14, 2011. The number(…)

The first results of Google +: 83% of inactive users

A lot of noise on the Internet about Google +. Even those who do not use Gmail, and few were familiar with the services from Google, with great interest to open a new “social programs” from the search giant, so that Google managed to score a record number of users in record time. But what’s the use(…)

Social networking Anonymous: Anonymous is ready for it?

At the moment, the story is that Anonymous – or someone associated with Anonymous, or someone who cynically uses the name Anonymous, as know? – Created a site that is expected to serve for social network Anonymous. According to the TechSpot, the idea of ??(alpha-site Arose then, When Google + supposedly unknown number of(…)

Google launched its own social network Google plus

Google introduced on Tuesday its own social network Google Plus Designed to compete with Facebook. The first information about the project from the creators of the social network world famous search engine first appeared in the summer of 2010. Since then, the rivalry between Google and Facebook is still ongoing and not limited to running competing(…)