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Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari are vulnerable to download of huge number of unnecessary data

Web-developer Feross Abukadizhey (Feross Aboukhadijeh) presented a simple in execution exploit that allows the site secretly download to users’ computers gigabytes of garbage data. The developer said that the exploit called loads the data on the hard drive without the cooperation of the victim by the user and works with browsers Google Chrome, Microsoft(…)

Chrome hacked twice in the Pwn2Own contest, and Pwnium

By offering a million dollar reward for found vulnerabilities in the browser, Chrome, Google has got what she wanted. Within five minutes after the Pwn2Own hacking competition French team Vupen Securitywas able to carry out the exploit two vulnerabilities Chrome and fully hack the browser . Thus, the team made a serious bid to win throughout the contest. This case also demonstrates that(…)

Flash Player for Firefox will have a sandbox

According to experts Adobe, sandbox technology will raise the safety level of products that use Flash Player. Adobe has released a beta version of Flash Player for browser Firefox with a functional sandbox. Note that the same functionality is already embedded in the browser, Google Chrome, as well as the Adobe PDF Reader. “Technology Sandbox(…)

Chrome browser will filter download of malicious files

After nine months of testing, the upcoming version of Google Chrome gets a new ability that allows him to filter malicious files that attackers are trying to force the user to download. For the first time in a “waiting list” browser filter malicious files appeared in April 2011, at the same time, it was stated that(…)

Google will complicate the search for news and pictures

Google has changed the look of your homepage. As reported by BBC, these changes will be most severe in the history of the portal. While the new design is available a small number of users, but soon it will appreciate it. The updated website will no longer be at the top of the black band with a variety of(…)

fPrivacy allows you to control the right Facebook applications

fPrivacy is a Chrome-plugin, which allows you to avoid obsessive requests permission for Facebook applications, asking for “Write on the wall” or trying to get the “Access to profile information” every time a dialog box application authorization. Developer Chad self created this extension because Facebook applications have been too intrusive for too long, working on an “all(…)

Try to crack: Chrome the most secure browser, IE second, Firefox on third place

Google Chrome better than other popular browsers to protect against online threats. It is clear from the study, during which the score abilities Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox mitigate exploits of, recognize malicious links, etc. The basis for the 102-page report, prepared by researchers at the company Accuvant, was the assumption that no complex software(…)

Hak-machine of Google Chrome: hacker collect the assembly of extensions to the browser from Google

A lot of people are happy and impressed by the speed of Google Chrome, but strange to say, did not even try to connect additional expansion. What nonsense! Smart add-ons so far really is not much, but now there is a set of extensions that may be useful for penstesta. However, most of them are likely to be(…)

Vulnerability in Google Chrome does not affect safety, according to Google

Google Chrome contains a critical vulnerability, which, under certain conditions, allow attackers to introduce malicious software on computers equipped with Windows. In view of being in Slovenia Acros Security, Google does not classify the error as “vulnerability”, but as a “strange behavior, the question of change in which [they] have to consider.” Vulnerability, according to(…)