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App Store users have downloaded more than 25 billion apps

Number of downloads applications from the App Store has exceeded 25 billion, reported on the website of Apple. This figure Apple has managed to achieve over three and a half years of existence, the store of mobile applications for iOS. On reaching one billion downloads became known in late April 2009, after 9 months after the service. About 10(…)

The founder of the anti-virus company F-Secure may lead Nokia

Finnish telecom group Nokia offers Risto Siilasmaa as the new chairman of the board of directors. Siilasmaa is the founder and head of the Finnish antivirus company F-Secure. To date, the top manager is virtually unknown outside Finland, but Finnish media claims that he is the main contender for the post of head of Nokia to replace(…)

Motorola Mobility warns of falling financial performance in the last quarter

Motorola Mobility on Friday night released data showing that the continued prosecution of the mobile market, as well as stiff market competition lead to a decrease in quarterly net profit and revenue. On Friday, after the close of U.S. stock trading Motorola reported that in the fourth quarter of 2011, the company expects results below previously(…)

Newspaper with a system of augmented reality

Taiwan’s United Daily News the company introduced the first printed edition with a system of augmented reality. If you hover your smartphone to an article, image or advertisement in the newspaper, you can see a small video on the subject. Technical realization made ??with the help of technology Aurasma, developed by British company Autonomy. The latter was bought(…)

Android Ice Cream Sandwich would be better to resist hackers

The new version of the mobile operating system Google Android has been updated to better resist the seizure of mobile devices by hackers operating errors in the code. Android 4.0, aka Ice Cream Sandwich , added means of protection, known as ASLR, or address space layout randomization. This technology is regularly changing the memory address where the(…)

Adobe has released an emergency patch for a critical bug in Flash

The company Adobe Systems has released an emergency update to its Flash Player. It eliminates a critical vulnerability that attackers are actively exploiting to break into computers of end users. XSS, or cross-site scripting, “operated in practice in active targeted attacks designed to trick users into clicking on malicious link in the email message”, said on(…)

Botnets are growing on Android

The number of infected devices with Google Android, actively interacting with the command and control server (C & C), increased significantly in recent months and is expected to increase this figure, according to a report released last week by Damballa. During the first half of 2011 sensor network Damballa found in North America approximately 40(…)

SpyEye learned to intercept SMS on Android

Developers banker Trojan SpyEye combined it with malicious programs for mobile phones based on the operating system Google Android, to intercept text messages to many financial institutions that are used to prevent fraud, the researchers reported. The Trojan, known as Spitmo, is the first class of malware SpyEye, acting in practice and focused on attacking(…)

Android is still leading mobile platform for developers

Google Android is still the favorite and most used by developers of mobile software platform, advancing the ecosystem Apple iOS. Study VisionMobile Developer Economics showed that 67% of developers working with the platform Google, compared with 59% in 2010. This increase Android has helped preserve the advantage over iOS, whose share of the attention of(…)

99% of the Android phones to disclose accounts

Most of the devices based on the Google Android operating system are vulnerable to attacks that could allow attackers to steal the digital identity, used to access calendars, contacts and other sensitive information, stored on the servers of the search giant, warned researchers University. Vulnerability associated with the improper use of an authentication protocol known(…)