On the eve of Saturday’s protests Iran disables access to some Internet services

Iranian authorities have now blocked access to a number of popular Internet services in the country. So, this morning, many Iranian people in different parts of the country report that they are no longer available for services Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo, and intermittently working social network Facebook. Official representatives of the Iranian Ministry of Communications does(…)

Gmail Offline for Chrome supports downloading attachments

Google has announced the renewal application for Gmail Offline Chrome. The application, submitted in August last year, makes it possible to get access to your Gmail even when the Internet connection is unavailable. The user can view the latest messages, create new messages that are sent when the Internet becomes available. The new version of Gmail Offline(…)

Vim editor has turned 20

Twenty years ago, Bram Molenar released Vim ( ) in the world and has since been changed forever editing. The reduction of vi iMproved, Vim was originally written as a vi-clone for Amiga, and then quickly spread to almost all computer platforms, known to mankind. Our friends at Ars Technica did an excellent retrospective of Vim , including the(…)

Gmail users have been targeted for fraudulent password recovery tool

Clients attempting to recover lost or forgotten passwords Gmail, asked not to be used widely circulating Gmail Hacker Pro Software, which promises to restore the password for a fee. Mail fraud recovery passwords are not new. But specifically it can act in different guises, from simple billing fraud was discovered in GFI Labs. Gmail Hacker argues(…)

Security experts have discovered a forged certificate of

Security experts have discovered a forged certificate of, spreads via the Internet, which allows hackers to encryption keys needed for a fake Gmail site and almost all other sites the search giant. Fake certificate was issued on 10 July for the signature pages of Google, secure SSL. The certificate was issued by DigiNotar, CA, located(…)

The first results of Google +: 83% of inactive users

A lot of noise on the Internet about Google +. Even those who do not use Gmail, and few were familiar with the services from Google, with great interest to open a new “social programs” from the search giant, so that Google managed to score a record number of users in record time. But what’s the use(…)

Microsoft: cookiejacking we do not care

Last week, security researcher has published details about a new attack, which can contribute to a remote stealing cookies that are used to gain access to accounts on Facebook and other sites by exploiting vulnerabilities in the browser Microsoft Internet Explorer. Independent researcher Rosario Valotta demonstrated his “cookiejacking” attack on the security conference Hack in(…)