Chobi Cam Pro 2: The smallest camera with Night Vision

It would seem that not so long ago night vision associated with the common man with the bulky military equipment, it is kind of unsightly glasses and cameras. These devices are not just too big and ugly, they weigh a lot more, and cost as a small car. Times change and technology changes with them,(…)

Critical patches for Java, Flash and Shockwave

By yesterday’s set of patches that are released company Microsoft, added a similar “patches” from other manufacturers. It so happened by chance that for the better – in fact, it is convenient to update all at once. Let’s start with Java, because lately it seems to have overtaken Adobe Reader and Flash on the number of new exploits. At(…)

Camera BenQ GH700 21-fold zoom lens and 16-megapixel BSI CMOS-sensor

Adobe released a fix for the vulnerability in Flash, which allows to spy through the chamber

Adobe has released an update to its media platform Flash Player after the discovery of vulnerability that makes users vulnerable to spyware attacks with the camera. The vulnerability was first discovered at Stanford University student named Feross Abuhadidzhe. According Abuhadidzhe, the attacker has the ability to create a page that asks the user to click on the(…)

Adobe spent 6000 man-hours testing each patch

Most of the time that Adobe is spending to close a 0-day vulnerabilities in popular applications of its Reader and Flash Player, is dedicated to make sure that the fixes will not cause catastrophic damage to the computers of end users, the head of the security company. “The last thing we wanted to see a(…)

Adobe has released an emergency patch for a critical bug in Flash

The company Adobe Systems has released an emergency update to its Flash Player. It eliminates a critical vulnerability that attackers are actively exploiting to break into computers of end users. XSS, or cross-site scripting, “operated in practice in active targeted attacks designed to trick users into clicking on malicious link in the email message”, said on(…)

Adobe: Flash will thrive inspite of Windows 8

Adobe has stated that even though Microsoft’s decision to the lack of Flash support in the Metro-version of Internet Explorer in Windows 10 8, it will continue the development of technology – a desktop version of the browser IE10 will continue to support Flash. In addition, the company reported that it is working on a version of(…)

Microsoft declined to Silverlight and all the other plugins in the new IE

Although it is not easy, no need to hurry to spread rumors about the death of Silverlight in the near future. As usual, rumors or exaggerated, or altogether false. A good example of this can serve as a common earlier view that the Web Forms will be preserved in maintenance mode, and never will be updated to(…)

Samsung released Bada 2.0 SDK

Samsung released Bada 2.0 SDK is aimed at enlarging the audience of its operating system, planning to release a series of innovative smartphones later this year. Bada 2.0 will contain several important updates, including support for multi-tasking, direct exchange of files via Wi-Fi, NFC and the ability to support voice recognition. The platform will better(…)