In Sourcefire combined firewall with intrusion prevention

Sourcefire is moving in the direction of business, dealing with firewalls, and is preparing to bring his own experience in building intrusion prevention systems (IPS), such as Snort, to offer a more contextual platform, which, according to the company, better able to adapt to modern security threats than Traditional firewalls. Sourcefire Universal Network Security Platform,(…)

The effectiveness of Web Application Firewall

According to a recent analytical study, the best defense against vulnerabilities and threats to Web applications – professional introduction WAF (Web Application Firewall) and the introduction of Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST), create automatic filters.┬áThe study also showed that intrusion prevention system (IPS), working with filters DAST, and create an effective firewall WAF. Security consultant(…)

Firewalls cannot cope with the onslaught of DDoS-attacks

A study conducted by F5 Networks, found that companies are still very much rely on firewalls to protect against DoS-attacks despite the fact that this class of devices is often not doing its job. The study, which was attended by 1000 medium and large organizations from 10 countries, found that 45% of respondents regularly fall(…)

Lavasoft Ad-Aware Free Edition 9.6: Protection against spyware

More :┬áLavasoft Ad-Aware Free Edition 9.6: Protection against spyware The company has released an update LavaSoft program Ad-Aware Free. In the latest version of the toolbar is enabled for the browser, providing protection while surfing. Ad-Aware is designed to find and destroy the so-called “spy software”, which collects information about the user and transmits it(…)

Sony knew that its software is vulnerable, months before breaking PSN

Giving testimony in Congress this morning, Dr. Gene Spafford of Purdue University reported that Sony has used an outdated software on their servers and the company knew about it until she was faced with the recent security hole that allowed hackers obtain personal information More than 100 million users. According to Spafford, security experts, monitors(…)