Hackers broke into Chrome, Firefox, IE 10, and Java at Pwn2Own

As part of the contest, Pwn2Own participants used a previously unknown vulnerability in Chrome, Firefox, IE 10, Windows 8 and Java. Attacks could be made by processing in the browser specially created web-pages, which ended by gain full control over the system. Hackers spent hacking the most recent and stable versions of browsers and operating(…)

Mozilla has removed a critical vulnerability in its products

Vulnerability to execute arbitrary code applies to Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey. Company Mozilla released a security update for its core products Firefox,Thunderbird and SeaMonkey, which eliminated a critical vulnerability.According to the notification of security, Firefox 10, Thunderbird, and Seamonkey 2.7 10 error prone to use after release, allowing an attacker to execute arbitrary code on the(…)

Norman: How safe is your browser?

Norman questioned the company safety study of the browsers of Accuvant LABS. Experts antivirus company Norman questioned the study of the safety of the browsers, conducted by Accuvant LABS. Earlier, Accuvant LABS safest browser recognized Chrome, in second place Internet Explorer, and third place went to Firefox. It should be noted that the study was commissioned by Google. According to the survey, it was(…)

Mozilla and Google have extended a partnership agreement

Google will be your default search engine in Mozilla Firefox in the next three years. According to the notification Mozilla Project, Google and Mozilla extended “significant and mutually beneficial deal.” Under the agreement, Google will continue to be my default search engine in the browser Firefox for “at least another three years.” Representatives of Google, in turn, said: «Mozilla has been(…)

Try to crack: Chrome the most secure browser, IE second, Firefox on third place

Google Chrome better than other popular browsers to protect against online threats. It is clear from the study, during which the score abilities Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox mitigate exploits of, recognize malicious links, etc. The basis for the 102-page report, prepared by researchers at the company Accuvant, was the assumption that no complex software(…)

Mozilla launches beta version of Firefox 9 for desktops and on Android devices

Mozilla announced the availability of a beta version of Firefox 9 in the same week, when for public use was available for Firefox 8 . The latest beta version of Firefox has some significant enhancements, including support for Mac OS X Lion. Mozilla Firefox on the page developer reported that the company hopes to make available the final(…)

Firefox 8 released

Non-profit Mozilla Foundation released a union eighth version of Firefox, said in an official blog Mozilla. Among the innovations presented to one of the key specified is added to the browser search for microblogging service Twitter. In addition to actually find records that support queries containing “heshtegi” and user names. Function is still only available for English,(…)

Sponsored Results of Bing and Yahoo are too difficult to remove have rootkit

According to security researchers GFI Software, Flash Player search on Yahoo and Bing can lead to hacked pages, spreading stubborn rootkits. The problem lies in the so-called sponsored results, that is in the ads, which first appear in the search for certain keywords. They are slightly different from the usual results, which produces Bing, but similar(…)

Microsoft pointed out security flaws in Firefox and Chrome

Microsoft has introduced a website aimed at raising awareness of safety by comparing the abilities of browsers Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome resist malware, phishing and other threats. Website Your Browser Matters gave Firefox and Chrome measly 2 and 2.5 points respectively out of 4 possible. However, try to enter the site using IE9 and you(…)

Mozilla plugin disables McAfee in Firefox

Mozilla recommends that Firefox users disable the plug-in McAfee, which your browser provider of open source blamed the large number of failures. ON ScriptScan from McAfee calls “the problem with the stability or security,” said Firefox. Software users are faced with a message indicating that the plug was “blocked for your safety.” “Users are strongly recommended(…)