Facebook Hacker Cup

Russian hacker has won the contest Facebook Hacker Cup

For winning the contest hacker got 5000 dollars and a trophy that is engraved with his name. 18-year old Russian novel Andreev won the competition Facebook Hacker Cup. At the end of the contest participants had to solve three problems. To do this, you can use any programming language. The results of the competition depended(…)

Championships in not just programming

Speaking of conferences, forums, conferences and lan-party, can not be neglected by hacking and hacking contests and championships. But a lot of them, for the prizes they pay good money, and generally participate in such events – it’s a very rewarding experience. ACM ICPC When: Registration command ends in September Quarter held in October in November(…)

Facebook Hacker Cup

Russian Peter Mitrichev was declared the winner of the first annual “hacker cup Facebook» (Facebook Hacker Cup). Mitrichev received $ 5000, the cup itself, and recognition of colleagues in the programmer’s workshop and congratulations from the hands of the head of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Himself a cup, says Zuckerberg, symbolizes the hacking on the(…)