Certificate stolen from the Government of Malaysia, was used to sign malware

Researchers found malicious software freely circulating that uses a digital signature that belongs to the Government of Malaysia, in order to bypass the security warning operating systems and security software. According to Mikko Hipponenu, chief scientific officer F-Secure, a stolen certificate belongs to the Malaysian Agricultural Research Institute. He found that the certificate used to sign malware(…)

Free antivirus software for Android failed tests

Many free anti-virus software can not provide sufficiently effective protection of smartphones running the Android platform by introducing thereby user confusion about the safety of their devices. Tests conducted by the laboratory AV-Test.org, showed that the best free anti-virus for Android, Zoner Antivirus, found 32% of the 160 latest threats. The remaining six free antivirus programs(…)

Malware, descended from worm Stuxnet, infects the creators of SCADA

Companies involved in the development of systems for control of oil pipelines and other critical infrastructure have been infected by malware, which took place directly from Stuxnet, whose goal was to Iran’s nuclear program. Researchers at Symantec’s written this Tuesday a blog that part of the new malware almost identical Stuxnet, and that it was written by(…)

Morto A worm is successfully continuing its malicious activity, despite its dependence on weak passwords.

Morto A worm is successfully continuing its malicious activity, despite its dependence on weak passwords. To function effectively worm, a computer password in Danger of infection, should be one of the 37 variants of simple passwords that are contained in the database worm. “However, the worm that penetrates the remote computers by guessing the password for(…)

RSA attack began with a letter of 13 words

Theft of secret data related to the RSA SecurID tokens , used by 40 million workers to access private networks started with an e-mail, consisting of 13 words. “I suggest that you review this file,” – said in a letter that was sent to employees of the parent company RSA – EMC. “Please open and read it.” Never(…)

New worm spreads via RDP

World security suddenly came back into the past with the Internet worm, called “Morto”, spreading through the Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). F-Secure said the worm is causing a sharp rise in traffic on port 3389. Getting into the network, the worm starts to search for computers that is running RDP and common passwords to log on. In vulnerable(…)