ESET reported threats in March

According to analysts, the anti-virus company, in the ranking of dangerous viruses again heads Win32/Qhost. As reported by analysts at antivirus company ESET in one of their blogs, viral main threat to the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet for the fourth month in a row is a Trojan Win32/Qhost. However, the activity of malware continues(…)

ESET has detected a new version of the Trojan Carberp

Trojan uses a legitimate Java-library to modify banking software. The company ESET identified a new modification of the Trojan Carberp, which uses legal software to steal funds. In addition, the virus is also able to bypass two-factor authentication using one-time passwords. Experts note that the basic regions, which are now the most common Carberp, are(…)

President of Guyana site hacked

Hackers of the group The Hackers Army hacked the official website of the President of Guyana.”Ignorant observer Israel may seem modern, vibrant and democratic state, mainly due to the outrageous bias of Western media and the $ $ $, which have become our leaders, now it’s time to wake up !!!”. Pakistani hackers also accused(…)

Lazy hackers altered the old Trojan for Linux on Mac OS X

According to experts, hackers are testing new malware for the Mac, copied from the Trojan nine years ago and was originally written for Linux. Malware, called “Tsunami”, circulated in a limited number since last week, said researchers from ESET Security, Slovak company that produces anti-virus software. About the Tsunami for the first time we heard(…)

Botnet TDL4 entered a new stage in the evolution

Lead researcher David Harley ESET said that over time, while he and his staff watched TDL4, they noted the passage of the botnet to a new stage of evolution. These changes, he said, could be a signal that a team that develops a malicious program has been replaced or that the developers have started to(…)

Oracle closed vulnerability in Java SE platform

Corporation Oracle announced the release of a set of updates for a member of the platform Java Standard Edition (SE) sixth and seventh editions of the software tools. According to published information specialists Oracle provided updates-Java SE 6 Update 29 and Java SE 7 Update 1 – remove two dozen vulnerabilities , five of which have the status of hazardous(…)

New virus attacks Russian-speaking Facebook users

ESET’s antivirus specialists have discovered a virus that has spread among users of the Russian-speaking segment of the popular social networking site Facebook. According to ESET, the most common virus called Win32/Delf.QCZ was among Ukrainian users – 39% of the total. Next comes Russia with 19%, Belarus 9% had a virus detection. In addition, the first ten(…)