Iran suffered another attack by Stuxnet

As informed by AFP referring to a semi-official news agency in Iran another cyber attack using worm Stuxnet was found. According to the journalist, the victim of the hackers is an industry in the south of the state. Today, Iran’s student news agency (Iranian Students’ News Agency, ISNA) reports the words of one of the(…)

LK: In Duqu and Stuxnet on the platform «Tilded» was created at least one other spyware module

In LC said about the possible existence of at least one more spyware module, based on the platform «Tilded», as well as several other programs of unknown functional. Kaspersky Lab has two months exploring the Trojan Duqu: the history of its occurrence, area of distribution scheme and its operation. As stated by the male, despite the huge volume(…)

Microsoft finally fixes Duqu-vulnerability

Microsoft released a security update that closes once and for all “nuclear” the vulnerability used by the notorious malware infection Duqu . Update the last Tuesday of patches includes 13 papers that address vulnerabilities in Windows, Office and Internet Explorer. Three vulnerabilities have been assessed as having a “critical” risk, while the remaining 10 are classified as “important.”(…)

Anti-virus to fight the “worm” Duqu

Iranian experts have developed anti-virus, capable of withstanding computer “worm» Duqu, which is on the behavior and characteristics similar to the Trojan Stuxnet, allegedly attacked Iran’s nuclear facilities last summer, reports on Monday, Iranian news agency Fars. The head of civil defense of Iran Gholamreza Jalali (Gholamreza Jalali), computers in all the major companies of Iran(…)

Duqu attacked its prey each unique file with a unique server

According to a report published on Friday, the creators of Duqu, which entered into the system of industrial companies in at least eight countries used for each attack exploits the unique, target servers, and document-trapped Microsoft Word. In addition, two drivers who used the rootkit module for one of the attacks, the date of compilation(…)

Duqu was created by a team of highly professional programmers

Virus Duqu, which was sent to the largest companies in the world, contains a lot of advanced features that can be developed only a group of highly skilled programmers, according to security researchers. These features include verbatim processes that encrypt stolen data and insert them into the image before you send them to servers controlled(…)

The creators have moved Duqu command server in Belgium

According to researchers from the Security Symantec, hackers behind such Stuxnet trojan Duqu, moved the command and control server (C & C), interacts with the malware, in Belgium, to avoid detection. The blog company noted that all samples are Duqu, obtained previously, were configured to communicate with servers located in India. “This new Duqu-file [however](…)

Dell SecureWorks: Duqu and Stuxnet – the work of various authors

The similarity of the recently released Duqu and famous worm Stuxnet, caused universal alarm for over a year ago, is greatly exaggerated. Such conclusion was the company Dell SecureWorks. The key point of analysis was that, despite the similarities, Duqu and Stuxnet were created to perform different tasks. One had very specific goals, other – more common.(…)

DUQU, came outshine Stuxnet

Do not have time to really understand the world from the terrible worm Stuxnet, designed explicitly with the help of the state security services, like web came DUQU, using the same source code. According to Bird, Kiwis have substantially refined the heir is a good chance to surpass the parent, but what exactly will it end?(…)

Giants in the security disagreed about the twin Stuxnet, Duqu

Providers of security solutions across the globe seem divided over about a newly discovered malware threats Duqu . They argue not only for the attack, but even on a team that is behind Duqu. Symantec and McAfee have come to different conclusions about Duqu despite the fact that allegedly received a sample of malware the same source –(…)