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“Doctor Web” warned of a new form of Internet fraud

Registered on dating sites scammers get money from their victims. Russian company “Doctor Web” warned users about a new form of fraud that has become particularly popular at the end of last year. Become victims of malicious single women registered on sites dating. According to experts at ‘Doctor Web’ the fraud is as follows: the(…)

Scammers earn thousands of dollars to “pay the archives”

Dr.Web company reported that the market spread paid archives in recent years has grown considerably. As the manufacturer antivirus software Dr.Web, recently observed a significant increase in the number of so-called “paid archives.”Experts said the company, it is not strange, as to create a “pay-archive” user does not need to be familiar with the programmer, and you(…)

Doctor Web: BackDoor.Butirat steal information from computers and intercepts traffic browsers

Analysts ‘Doctor Web’ reported an increase in the number of new modifications to the family of Trojans BackDoor.Butirat. These malicious programs are able to download from the Internet and run different files, and transfer information from hackers infected computer and listen to the traffic of installed browsers. BackDoor.Butirat malware families have been known since 2010. Today in(…)

Hackers have created the first Trojan to lock iOS screen

Members of popular mobile platform iOS – Smartphone Apple iPhone, iPad tablet and player iPod touch – the first time confronted with the programs of-blockers, which block the function creates the illusion of your browser and extort money in exchange for unlocking, experts said on Friday antivirus company Doctor Web . According to them, this is the(…)

The Trojan spreads in the guise of Android.SmsSend.27 application “Kamasutra for Android”

The company “Doctor Web”, a leading developer of information security, announced that the previously known Trojan Android.SmsSend.27 now distributed under the guise of an application “Kamasutra for Android”. “Dr. Web” has been repeatedly reported malware family Android.SmsSend . Today in the Dr.Web virus database has more than 170 entries for the Trojans Android.SmsSend. Trojan Android.SmsSend.27, which was(…)

Trojan Android.SpyEye.1 works in conjunction with a colleague for desktop

The company “Doctor Web,” published in September ranking of malicious applications for Android. Their number is still growing: just last month in the virus database has been added to over a hundred new entries. One of the most interesting threats for Android – Trojan Android.SpyEye.1. Risk of contracting the malicious program are subject to, first of all, users,(…)

Trojan BackDoor.Bitsex can fully control the remote PC

The company “Doctor Web” has warned users about a Trojan spreading BackDoor.Bitsex, which is a complete server for remote control of infected computers. This malware is written in C, and stored on disk under the guise of a standard dynamic link library named SetupEngine.dll. After starting BackDoor.Bitsex put in a folder are two files: Audiozombi.exe and(…)