Cisco: Hackers from Syrian Electronic Army use third party services for attacking mass-media

According to experts, those portals whose content is generated by third parties, journalists are at greater risk of being compromised. As the recent report by researchers from Cisco, a group of hackers calling themselves the Syrian Electronic Army, most likely use services of third parties to carry out attacks on the websites of various media.(…)

Attack on the DNS-infrastructure of the Internet on March 31

Anonymous or just someone under the “anonymous” has published the announcement of “Operation Global blackout” (#opGlobalBlackout). According to the text, March 31, planned the attack on the global distributed 13 root DNS-servers, they are listed below. A B C D E F G H I J K…)

The new technology, open source DNS protects users’ connections

The connection between the user and DNS-service can now be protected by an encrypted session to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks, spoofing, sniffing, or. In OpenDNS created an open source tool that protects endangered usually link. OpenDNS today proposed the first version of the tool DNSCrypt, which was set up for your own DNS-service OpenDNS, and is also(…)

FBI shuts down ‘Ghost Click’ botnet of 4m PCs as seven face charges

Federal authorities shut down an international organization, which has forced more than four million computers to visit fraudulent websites when users attempted to visit the page Netflix, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, iTunes and other services. Prosecutors have named seven defendants from Eastern Europe, which is supposed to have earned more than $ 14 million,(…)

Magic Tree: data management for penetration testing

Sometimes you got this, what are you looking for ages results of the test port, which is held exactly? Or his way through piles of files in search of information about a particular host or service? Or copied into the report output bits of data from multiple scripts? Magic Tree does all this boring work for you, freeing(…)

The Daily Telegraph, National Geographic, Vodafone hit by Turkish hackers

Several popular online resources, including sites of British newspaper The Daily Telegraph, the magazine National Geographic, with Vodafone and manufacturer of computers and mobile devices, Acer, victims of acts of Turkish hacking group TurkGuvenligi. As the blog Naked Security, the attack was carried out on Sunday evening, Sept. 4. Its object is not the resources themselves,(…)

Top-level domains: a threat to security?

Plan for completing the Internet by hundreds or thousands of new TLDs level threatens the appearance of security problems and the experts think about some unintended consequences that can be used cyber criminals for their own purposes. Some scenarios seem quite disappointing. Think of the chaos that can arise from domains such as “exchange”, “mailserver”(…)