DLL load hijacking

Trojan.Dropper.UAJ modifies the library comres.dll

Researchers at antivirus company Softwin (software developer Bitdefender) found a complex Trojan horse that uses a non-trivial methods to disguise the code in the operating system. While a simple malware can add itself to startup, making changes to the registry – and so are easily identified by antivirus software, a new Trojan Trojan.Dropper.UAJ uses its own approach: it(…)

Vulnerability in Google Chrome does not affect safety, according to Google

Google Chrome contains a critical vulnerability, which, under certain conditions, allow attackers to introduce malicious software on computers equipped with Windows. In view of being in Slovenia Acros Security, Google does not classify the error as “vulnerability”, but as a “strange behavior, the question of change in which [they] have to consider.” Vulnerability, according to(…)