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Owners of Kelihos create a new botnet

The researchers argue that criminals can easily regain control of the network of infected computers. Group of criminals, administer the recently disabled the botnet Kelihos, has already begun to create a new network of infected computers. To do this, hackers are using a worm, common in the social network Facebook, according to researchers from Seculert.(…)

Dell SecureWorks told about the hacker attack on 200 computers of government organizations

At the RSA Conference representatives Dell SecureWorks told about the hacker attack, which resulted in compromised 200 computers belonging to the government ministries of Vietnam, Brunei and the Republic of Myanmar. The purpose was espionage attacks. In addition to governmental organizations, victims of attacks have also been some media computer systems, as well as some(…)

Trojan «Gameover»

Researchers believe that attackers have paid the developer for creating a private version of the famous Trojan. According to the company’s senior researcher Don Jackson Dell SecureWorks (Don Jackson), a trojan«Gameover», created from source Zeus, is only a preliminary version of an even more dangerous virus. «Gameover is the latest and the best package of source code(…)

12 hacker gangs are behind majority of Chinese cyberattacks

Eastern European and Russian hackers mostly steal financial information, while the Chinese – mostly hunt for intellectual property or other sensitive information, according to analysts in the field of security and U.S. officials. It is also believed that the majority of attacks organized in China, may be associated with 12 specific hacking groups. These groups generally(…)

Dell SecureWorks: Duqu and Stuxnet – the work of various authors

The similarity of the recently released Duqu and famous worm Stuxnet, caused universal alarm for over a year ago, is greatly exaggerated. Such conclusion was the company Dell SecureWorks. The key point of analysis was that, despite the similarities, Duqu and Stuxnet were created to perform different tasks. One had very specific goals, other – more common.(…)

Banker Trojans learn to cheat out of band security

While financial institutions are taking on new equipment protection, hackers have time to adapt to it. In 2007, researchers found a trojan that can monitor and record key press on the computer, focusing thus on bank sites and steal money from accounts. Following his growing success, the famous Trojan Zeus quickly adapted to many systems of(…)