Creating botnets is getting cheaper and easier

Laboratory Specialists of G Data Security Labs discovered a clandestine sale of our networks of remotely controlled by hackers computers – so-called bots, which in the case of activation may cause massive wave of malicious code across the Internet. The so-called boat-designer Aldi Bot appeared in late August at a price of 10 euros. Part of(…)

A former member of Anonymous: problem in humans

Anonymous is a rather strange organization in the sense that it is not really organized. Of course, she is internationally recognized as “haktivist” network (as its members call themselves), which is involved in the protests around the world and penetrates into the websites and databases of corporations and government agencies. But the unity of its members(…)

Google can be used as a tool for DDoS-attacks

Google’s servers can be used by cybercriminals to launch DDoS-attacks, according to Simon, “R00T_ATI” Kvatrini engaged in testing for penetration of the Italian security firm AIR Sicurezza. Kvartin found that two-sensitive pages – / _ / sharebox / linkpreview / and gadgets / proxy? – Can be used to request any type of file that Google(…)

Members of the Anonymous arrested in Spain, Turkey

The news that three citizens of Spain associated with Anonymous, have been arrested, followed by a statement of the Turkish police detained 32 people on assumptions related to haktivistskoy group. Spanish police have arrested three Spaniards aged a little over thirty years. They were arrested in the cities of Almeria, Barcelona and Valencia. On suspected(…)