The “Shield”. Google will protect the weak from DDoS-attacks

A world map of DDoS-attacks like a map of hostilities of World War III, “the United States against all.” The huge flow of traffic going to the United States, Americans are shot poorly on China, their support several other countries. The situation is constantly changing, sometimes connected to the shootings Russia, Ukraine and other countries.(…)

Attack on the DNS-infrastructure of the Internet on March 31

Anonymous or just someone under the “anonymous” has published the announcement of “Operation Global blackout” (#opGlobalBlackout). According to the text, March 31, planned the attack on the global distributed 13 root DNS-servers, they are listed below. A B C D E F G H I J K…)

The nature of DDoS-attacks varies

As stated company Prolexic Technologies, the number of transmitted packets in 1 second (PPS) increased four-fold compared with the third quarter of 2010, so we are seeing a significant increase in all kinds of DDoS-attacks in the past 12 months. Of the total of approximately 24% of attacks are attacks SYN flood, 22% – ICMP flood, and(…)

“Operation Disconnect Brotherhood”: some sites put out by Anonymous

Anonymous group hacked websites of Muslim Brotherhood. The group issued a statement on Tuesday, they threatened to “Operation Disconnect Brotherhood” on all sites of the Brotherhood at 20:00 on Friday, November 11. According to the video, they laid out on youtube, they argue that: As of 2:24 EST North ikhwanonline.com does not work. As of 2:26(…)

Firewalls cannot cope with the onslaught of DDoS-attacks

A study conducted by F5 Networks, found that companies are still very much rely on firewalls to protect against DoS-attacks despite the fact that this class of devices is often not doing its job. The study, which was attended by 1000 medium and large organizations from 10 countries, found that 45% of respondents regularly fall(…)

Lazy hackers altered the old Trojan for Linux on Mac OS X

According to experts, hackers are testing new malware for the Mac, copied from the Trojan nine years ago and was originally written for Linux. Malware, called “Tsunami”, circulated in a limited number since last week, said researchers from ESET Security, Slovak company that produces anti-virus software. About the Tsunami for the first time we heard(…)

Released DoS tool for SSL

Hackers have released software that they say, allows one computer to disable servers by exploiting vulnerabilities in the implementation of proven secure sockets layer. The German group known as The Hacker’s Choice, has released a tool on Monday, trying to draw attention to the “long series of vulnerabilities in the SSL”, which Web sites use to protect(…)

DDoS-attacks and SQL-injection – the main topic on hacker forums

Distributed Denial of Service and the introduction of SQL-code – the main types of attacks are discussed in hacker forums, according to new research conducted by Imperva, providing services for information security. Illegal discussion forums are an important part in the ecosystem of criminals. They are the place where hackers can sell and exchange information, software(…)

The slowdown of the site of the New York Stock Exchange – probably the work of Anonymous

Site work has slowed down in NYSE twice at noon this Monday. It was at this time in the schedule of Anonymous DDoS attack was part of the site. But the attack was weak and kept only part of the group. This reflects the confusion that reigns in the organization, in which, as they say, there is(…)

Top DDoS attacks in 2011

According Corero Network Security, recently increased the number of new, intelligent DDoS attacks, acting on the application level. They are extremely difficult to recognize “the cloud” and they often go unnoticed until when you do not become too late. There has also been a surge of attacks against corporations by hacktivists who conduct attacks for political(…)