Prolexic: The volume of DDoS-attacks has increased eight-fold

Prolexic, which provides IT-services, conducted a study of the number duration and frequency of DDoS-attacks, concerning the infecting of web-sites and computer systems with malicious files. According to the data, in the last three months, almost all indicators increased eight-fold, compared with the fourth quarter of 2012. On average, in the first quarter of 2013(…)

Experts: Cloud providers should pay attention to the outgoing traffic

A key factor for the success of DDoS-attacks by hackers is to use a hack of reputable hosts. The companies who are victims of DDoS-attacks have difficulty in distinguishing between malicious traffic from legitimate, especially when the attacks are from reputable trusted sources. As the vice president of security solutions company Radware Herberger Karl (Carl(…)

New Android-Trojan capable of DDoS-attacks

Trojan Android.DDoS.1.origin is capable of DDoS-attacks on various internet resources and can send text messages to the team attacks, says the antivirus company “Doctor Web”. Once installed on the mobile Android-device, the Trojan creates Android.DDoS.1.origin application icon, with the same icon of Google Play. Which significantly reduces the risk of any suspicion if the user(…)

DDoS-attacks are not profitable for cybercriminals

According to researchers at Group-IB, hackers are increasingly turning to more profitable types of fraud. According to the experts of Group-IB, DDoS-attacks as a form of criminal earnings is losing its popularity among hackers for a more profitable bank fraud. This was during the 2012 conference Antifraud Russia said General Director of Ilya net. According(…)

Anonymous attack PayPal cost of 3.5 million pounds

Attorney reported on some of the details of the trial of the protesters «Operation Payback». At the moment, one of the main defendants in the trial of the protesters «Operation Payback» is a 22-year-old Christopher Weatherhead (Christopher Weatherhead), which in the days of hacking attacks Anonymous on PayPal studied at the University of Northampton. At(…)

Prolexic: banks are increasingly exposed to DDoS-attacks

Experts say that an attack by malicious users have become more powerful and less prolonged. According to the report of experts from the company Prolexic, which specializes in anti- DDoS-attacks, in the first three months of 2012 the financial services industry has become to attackers three times more frequently than in the fourth quarter of(…)

Sophos: Anonymous OS can contain viruses

Experts say you should not trust the operating system, allegedly created by hackers Anonymous. As we reported yesterday, is now available for download operating system Anonymous dekstop OS, which the authors argue that it was designed for educational purposes, as well as to automate the breaking of remote resources. The operating system is a modified(…)

In Moscow, hacker group arrested

Attackers have earned about 10 million rubles by DDOS-attacks and hacking accounts in social networks. According to the press service of the Office of “K” of the Russian Interior Ministry, staff offices, was arrested a group of hackers, offering services hacking and spying on the Internet. According to the MOI, the attackers acted in several(…)

Doctor Web: Trojan.Tenagour.9 helps attackers in DDoS-attacks

The company «Doctor Web,” warned of spreading malware Trojan.Tenagour.9. This Trojan is an “advanced” tool for criminals engaged in DDoS-attacks on various Internet resources. Trojan.Tenagour.9 consists of two components: the injector and the dynamic link library, which stores the payload. Once launched, the Trojan in the operating system checks its set up and, if absent, stored(…)

Central Bank of Lithuania was the victim of DDOS-attacks

The Central Bank of Lithuania today announced that it has suffered as a result of cyber attacks against him. As explained in the financial department, the IT staff initially took the attack carried out for the attack, the output-oriented site of the Central Bank failed, but later it became clear that the purpose of hackers and(…)