Fortinet: Cybercriminals offer Crime-as-a-Service

According to the company report, the attackers are trying to create a clear structure for the organization of cybercriminals. Fortinet introduced the report «Fortinet 2013 Cybercrime Report», which focuses on the transition to a new level of cybercriminals. Thus, attackers use a business model «Crime-as-a-Service» («The crime as a service”) to provide unique services. The(…)

McAfee: Hackers are planning a large-scale attack on the United States under the name “Project Blitzkrieg”

According to experts, cyber criminals target at least 30 major U.S. banks. Researchers at antivirus company McAfee have found that cybercriminals are preparing a number of large-scale attacks against the United States, which would be implemented in the spring of next year. The project named «Blitzkrieg» should destabilize the system of U.S. online-banking. As the(…)

Trojan «Gameover»

Researchers believe that attackers have paid the developer for creating a private version of the famous Trojan. According to the company’s senior researcher Don Jackson Dell SecureWorks (Don Jackson), a trojan«Gameover», created from source Zeus, is only a preliminary version of an even more dangerous virus. «Gameover is the latest and the best package of source code(…)

A new generation of targeted attacks

With the arrival of young professionals in the company’s experts predict changes in the Cisco security and data protection. In its annual report on the safety of the company have identified trends that suggest that college students who plan to work in large companies do not take security as seriously as their predecessors. The researchers(…)