PHP-GTK applications served over the Web

Run PHP-GTK applications, and serve them over the Internet, really, really interesting new alternative for running PHP-applications. GTK + user interface elements that are very rich and powerful. There is a free visual tools for creating GTK + user interface that can be used to quickly create a PHP-GTK applications that have rich user interfaces. In addition,(…)

Image Border Radius – CSS

Change the image border radius in CSS: Its simple to change the radius of an image in CSS and make it curvy: On HTML file : <div id=”menu”>”You can have your menu links here”</div> In CSS file : #menu{ background: url(“/path/img.jpg”); border: 1px solid #000000; border-radius: 0px 0px 5px 5px; } 1. 0px is top-left(…)

what to learn in php?

Yes ofcourse that was the big question when I got interested in PHP. The whats & how was troubling alot.Now I kinda know PHP – Still learning but that is always PHP steps to understanding Section 1  Formulation of a Plan of Project what site, content, target audience, reason of making site, functions, uniqueness, extent,(…)