Encryption is the first stop to intercept communications

It is no secret that government agencies are constantly monitoring communications of individuals, that is, ordinary citizens. In the case of the American system of surveillance is particularly interesting to see how often the interception of communications, whether it is a permanent process or occasionally activated action. In this sense, it makes sense to a new document ,(…)

Russian cryptographers deciphered iPhone 4

A group of Russian cryptographers from the company Elcomsoft has successfully cracked means hardware data encryption and specialized firmware in devices on the operating system iOS. Focusing primarily on corporate customers, Apple introduced a hardware-based encryption in the iPhone 3GS, later improve its support iOS 4. Cryptographic firmware allows assign access codes for the hardware(…)

How Digital Signatures Work?

A digital signature has the same function as that of a handwritten signature. But, understanding how a digital signature is created and how it achieves the same functionality as that of a handwritten signature is by no means as easy task. This is because the technical concepts involved in creating a digital signature seem far(…)