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Europol: Scammers steal 1.5 billion euros from credit cards each year

According to the experts at Europol, on the basis of 2012 in the EU more than 726 million payment cards (debit and credit) were issued. The total amount of damage caused by fraudsters to card holders of these cards was 1.5 billion euros. It is stated in the report of the regulator «Situation Report on Payment(…)

Trend Micro warns of vulnerabilities in the password reset in 3DS “Verified By Visa”

Trend Micro has called for updating the authentication system of credit cards 3 Domain Secure (3DS), after the company discovered that cyber-criminals can take advantage of a fundamental vulnerability in some versions of the protocol. Rick Ferguson, director of research in the field of security Trend Micro EMEA, explained in his blog that the system of 3DS,(…)

Three of the criminals in New York charged with skimming

In New York three people were charged by the fact that they used skimming devices to POS terminals in Manhattan, to steal card numbers and carry out fraudulent transactions. Nikolai Ivanov (31), Dimitar Stamati (28) and Jordan Ivanov (24) last week received the act containing the charge in 81 cases of fraud. Charges that include identity(…)

Firms are insolvent in the field of payment security

Most commercial and other enterprises continue to struggle with the standards of the payment card industry, exposing a result of confidential customer information at increased risk of leakage. Verizon report on the compliance of the payment card industry standards, Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance Report found that only one in five (21%) of organizations has(…)

Carder, who stole $ 800 000, was found guilty

Brooklyn resident was found guilty of theft with aggravating circumstances, for his role in the operation to deceive the credit card companies almost $ 800 000. Twenty-six Jonathan Oliveras also convicted in the management of the scheme buying a stolen credit card information in Russia and their subsequent sale or the product of illegal purchases.(…)

Australian banks have canceled 10,000 credit cards

The Australian banking system was struck by a mysterious security breach that caused the Friday immediately cancel more than 10 000 cards. Two banks – Commonwealth Bank and St George Bank have notified their customers via SMS, informing them that the card will be invalidated under the precautionary approach. Commonwealth Bank made a statement that(…)